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Home At First's Bermuda Independent Travel means having the freedom to choose your beach cottages and your beach days, eating in or going out to eat, playing golf or fishing, walking, cycling, shopping, or exploring the island by public transport or personal electric vehicle. Photo of Elbow Beach © Home At First.



HOME AT FIRST’s custom-planned Bermuda independent travel program provides visitors roomy island homes in a broad choice of locations from by-the-beach to in-town and everywhere in between. You get a choice of transportation, too, and the independence to explore the island and discover its treasures.


Home At First’s Bermuda Independent Travel

Using Quality Vacation Apartments and Inns

Dip your toes into an Atlantic island with history & culture extending from Shakespearean times.

          Bermuda, is famed as a year-round island destination with great beaches, terrific snorkeling, world-class golf, and deep-sea fishing.
          Less well-known is that Bermuda proudly combines English traditions with African flair, and a rich North American colonial history with a
UNESCO World Heritage Site: the British colonial fortress town of St. George’s, the oldest surviving British colonial town in North America.
          It was here in St. George’s that shipwrecked British sailors first established landfall on Bermuda following a devastating storm in 1609. Shakespeare used news accounts of the dramatic disaster-turned-salvation at sea in The Tempest (1611).
          Visitors will want to explore its fifty miles or so of main roads, but by law may not rent full-sized, gas-powered cars. Buses go everywhere, and north-shore ferries offer short-cuts across bays.
          Some intrepid visitors choose to explore Bermuda by driving small two-seater electric rental cars, or two-wheeling via rented mopeds or motor scooters, as the islands’ subtropical, oceanic weather is often ideal: neither too hot in the summer nor too cool in the winter.
          Not that it doesn’t rain. And its a good thing it does — although hurricanes hitting Bermuda are rare — rain water is the only source of fresh water on the island.

St Georges town crier. Bermuda Tourism Authority photo.


  St George’s, Bermuda: Britain’s oldest continuous North American colonial town (founded 1609) has been awarded World Heritage Site status. Its historic 17th century forts and colorful, centuries-old houses are the setting for a lively, modern town with close cultural ties to England.
         Bermuda is a British Overseas Territory and linked to the British Commonwealth. Bermudians have special British citizenship. Although Bermuda is self-governing, its official head of state is Queen Elizabeth II.

          Home At First‘s Bermuda independent travel lodgings — vacation apartments & cottages with their own kitchens, as well as inns that offer breakfast and dining — come with hosting support and freedom, the best of both worlds if you are looking to explore a fascinating destination and discover with a unique culture.
          In Bermuda that means not having to travel great distances to encounter surprising English, Caribbean, American, and African influences on the cuisine, fashions, design, and laid-back lifestyle of this island paradise. Life is much more than a beach in Bermuda.


Bermuda is not in the Caribbean or Gulf of Mexico. It is an island in the North Atlantic, kept warm by the Gulf Stream, with a sub-tropical climate & temperatures similar to Florida.

Bermuda belongs geographically to North America, and is 2,725 miles closer to New York than it is to London. Its nearest neighbor is Cape Hatteras, NC, USA, 650 miles to the west.

Bermuda became British in 1609 when an English re-supply ship for Jamestown wrecked on Bermuda in a storm. Shakespeare’s Tempest was partially based on this incident.

Bermuda has the world’s oldest continuously seated parliament. It is not an independent country but a British Overseas Territory. Bermudians have a special type of British citizenship.

Bermuda’s currency is not the British pound sterling, but the Bermuda dollar, with an exchange rate tied to the US dollar. US dollars may be used by visitors throughout Bermuda.

Bermuda has dozens of beaches, numerous islets, 9 parishes, and 2 main towns. Home At First can arrange for lodgings wherever you want to be in Bermuda.

Home At First’s BERMUDA Independent Travel Program in a Nutshell:

Full-Package Destination:

Includes flights, lodging, public transport pass, and On-Site Guide. Ground-only & Lodging-only options available.

Itinerary Character:

1-Week in BERMUDA

Bermuda independent travel means exploring at your own pace using public transport (buses & ferries), by taxi, using rented scooters, mopeds, or tiny electric cars.

Lodging Types:

Apartments, Cottages, & Inns

Locations across Bermuda including historic St. George’s town, beachfront, harborside, and in communities along principal transit routes.

On-Site Costs: Food & Activities


Bermuda can be pricey, but Bermuda independent travel can be done on a manageable budget, too. Using your apartment’s
well-equipped kitchen can really help save. 

Overall Trip Costs: 


Excellent Value, thanks to Home At First’s
low Full-Package prices. No need to worry about exchange rates, as the Bermuda dollar’s value is tied to the US dollar.

Language Spoken Everywhere:


Bermuda is a self-governing British Overseas Territory. Expect to hear English accented with British, American, or Caribbean inflections.

Non-Stop Flight Length from USA & Canada

2-3 hrs from East Coast Airports

Connecting flights from other USA & Canadian airports will at least double the total journey time.

Family Friendly?


Kids love the activities and the food, the forts, the beaches, the caves, & the British pageantry. Our Bermuda Independent Travel program gives families the freedom to explore & discover.

Foodie Friendly?


Bermuda’s best food is local & fresh, with an accent on seafood. Restaurants can be pricey, but street food is quite good and value-priced.

Surprisingly Walkable

Bermuda is hilly with  relatively little open territory. However, walking its long, nearly empty beaches, or sections of the Railway Trail is traffic-free, public, safe, and scenic.


 Exploring historic sites
Museums & galleries
Jet skiing
Whale watching
Going to the Zoo & Aquarium

The Best Times to Go to Bermuda:

Bermuda is a year-round destination. Beach-goers will prefer the warmer months (May–October). Golfers prefer the cooler months (September–May). Whale-watching is best March-May.


Home At First’s Bermuda: Independent Travel Using Quality Vacation Apartments & Inns.

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First — Request a Free Trip Proposal

Contact Home At First. Tell us about your travel dream of Bermuda independent travel. We will tell you about getting there, and about the types of lodgings — vacation cottages/apartment and inns, and how best to get around (via bus, ferry, by taxi, scooter, and bike).

— Tell us how many people will be with you, and their ages.
— Tell us when you would like to travel, and for how long.
— Ask for a Free Trip Proposal with Cost Estimate.


  • Bermuda: Scooters to the Golf Course. Bermuda Tourism Authority photo.
    Mopeds to the golf course with clubs slung over one shoulder is tempting but not recommended. Mopeds, scooters, & small electric cars can be rented at locations across Bermuda.


Second — We Design Your Dream Trip for You

We prepare a proposed itinerary & cost estimate with all the lodgings & transportation you need to experience Bermuda independent travel. We send our individualized itinerary proposal to you via email and/or postal mail.
 You review our proposal; accept it, reject it, or revise it until we have it just right for you. It is, after all, your dream trip, to be done the way you wish.
 Once accepted, we request an initial payment by check along with your signed acceptance.
We begin putting your plans in place, securing your LODGINGS, FLIGHT RESERVATIONS & TICKETS, AIRPORT TRANSFERS and any TRANSIT PASSES required. Home At First guests arrive by air at Bermuda’s L. F. Wade International Airport (BDA) in St. George’s.
 Payment in full is due 90 days prior to departure, or when you are ready to lock in your included airfares, whichever comes first.


  • Elbow Beach: Paget Parish. Bermuda Tourism Authority photo.
    Elbow Beach, Paget Parish

Third — Departure Day Finally Arrives

All travel documents for your trip — including our “Bermuda Independent Travel Activity Guide” — will be sent to you by 30 days prior to your trip departure date.
On departure day, check in at your local airport. Non-stop flights to Bermuda from the East Coast require less than 3 hours. Your domestic flight will connect through one of these East Coast gateways.
In Bermuda you follow our directions for your pre-arranged taxi-transfer from the airport to your Bermuda lodgings, where you will be met at a pre-set time by your lodging’s host, who will show you the accommodation, explain its workings, see to your comfort, and let you get some rest.
Explore your surroundings. If you have an apartment or cottage, pick-up some groceries for your kitchen. Make supper or go out for a meal. The fun begins now as you begin to experience Bermuda independent travel from your well-located lodging.

What Comes with Home At First’s Bermuda Independent Travel Program?


• Quality Lodgings with Hosting: a choice of apartments, cottages, or lodgings at small inns in safe, pleasant locations across Bermuda, including in the historic, World Heritage town of St. George’s; along principal routes in the central section of Bermuda near shops, restaurants, cafés, golf courses, and other services; along the harbor across from Bermuda’s capital city, Hamilton; and in settings on or very near Bermuda’s southern beaches.

          All lodgings come with hosts on-site or on-call during your stay for questions, suggestions, problems, or emergencies. Home At First‘s lodging locations are ideal bases for exploring Bermuda independently & efficiently from your own quality vacation home.

Round-trip Flights: Our airline experts plan your round-trip flights to Bermuda from your home airport. Our price chart includes round-trip fares based on flights from New York (JFK) to Bermuda (BDA). Non-stop and connecting flights from/to all other airports available for applicable fare supplements or reductions.

Bermuda Airport Transfers by pre-arranged taxi to/from your Bermuda Independent Travel lodging on your arrival & departure days.

Bermuda Transport Pass: valid for Bermuda independent travel on buses and passenger ferries. (Optional electric mini-car, moped, or scooter rental can be arranged in advance or on-site.)

• Guidebook Keyed for Your Destination: our “Bermuda Independent Travel Activities Guide” helps you make the most out of your visit. Includes suggestions for beaches, golf courses, touring, historic sites & forts, walking, restaurants, pubs, shopping, museums, galleries, parks, caves, the aquarium & zoo, and much more.



Home At First’s Bermuda Independent Travel


A Large Selection of Lodging Locations:

BERMUDIAN GEOGRAPHY: End-to-end by main road Bermuda is about 20 miles long. Along the way, HOME AT FIRST offers lodgings: 

In Bermuda’s northeastern corner: the World Heritage Site of colonial St. George’s town, oldest continuously occupied European colonial settlement in North America. Golf, beaches, attractions, shopping, & the airport nearby.

In Bermuda’s center: along Hamilton Harbour across from the capital city, and on the Great Sound in locations close to the ferries that connect the far ends of Bermuda with Hamilton.

• Along the south central coast in Paget, Warwick, and Southampton Parishes near famed pink beaches and outstanding golf courses. Excellent base for touring the island.

 At Bermuda’s southwestern corner, where the island turns north in a sweeping fishhook formation ending at historic Royal Naval Dockyard. Many fine beaches and water activities available here.

  Nowhere on Bermuda is far from the sea, the beach, fishing, boating, and water sports. Nowhere is far from golf courses, tennis courts, and walking trails. Nowhere on Bermuda is far from a village or town, restaurants, shopping, galleries, and Bermudian culture.


REAL PEOPLE PROVIDING REAL HELP IN REAL TIME: Home At First helps all its travelers complete the steps necessary to officially enter, efficiently move about, and properly return home from their international destinations. And, if conditions change during your travels, our support staff remains on-call to answer your questions and provide any assistance needed.

Home At First's Bermuda Map showing locations of Bermuda cottages and inns. Built on a base map by Eric Gaba - Wikipedia Commons User Sting.

Home At First’s Map of Bermuda

Built on a base map by Eric Gaba – Wikipedia Commons User Sting.


A Large Selection of Lodgings:

ACCOMMODATIONS: HOME AT FIRST offers custom-planned Bermuda independent travel using self-contained cottages and serviced inns across the island.

 All HOME AT FIRST Bermuda independent travel lodgings are near public transportation (bus and/or ferry), stores and restaurants, beaches, golf courses, and activities.

 All HOME AT FIRST Bermuda independent travel serviced inns offer concierge services, and daily breakfast. Some offer meals at in-house restaurants. All have bedrooms with private baths. Many have kitchenettes for light meals en suite.

All HOME AT FIRST Bermuda independent travel cottages and apartments have, as a minimum, independent quarters for sleeping and lounging, private bathrooms, and well-equipped kitchens (or, in some rare cases, kitchenettes without ovens). As self-contained lodgings, nearly all have their own laundry machines. Those without their own clothes washers and dryers have laundry arrangements available through their landlords/hosts.

Most HOME AT FIRST Bermuda independent travel lodgings also include furnished balconies, patios, private gardens, or terraces, many of these with sea views.

Importantly, all HOME AT FIRST Bermuda independent travel lodgings come with the welcoming, enthusiastic attention of landlord/hosts, who are committed to making your stay in their vacation homes delightful and problem-free.

A Selection of Bermuda Lodgings & Locations

  Shown and described below are two popular Home At First Bermuda lodgings: one a seaside cottage on Bermuda’s south-central shore, and one a collection of apartments at a guest inn close the center of Bermuda’s Main Island. They are shown here as examples of different sizes and capacities.
        While the full range of our available Bermuda independent travel lodgings and locations to choose from is extensive, the standard of quality and service is the same regardless of apartment or location.

NOTE: Each of the following lodging descriptions begins with a slide show. To move from slide to slide (forward or reverse) click on the direction arrows below each slide. To see slides in large format on a PC, “right click” on a slide & click on the “Open image in new tab” (Chrome or Edge) or “View Image” (Firefox). 


  • South Beach Cottages. Photo © Steve Martin - used with permission.
    South Beach Cottages.


Nearest Transit: Bus Stop 50 yards.
Nearest Beach: 50 yards down private steps.
Nearest Golf: Belmont Hills: 1mi.; Turtle Hill G.C. 2.65mi.

  If you come to Bermuda hoping to find a hideaway by the sea a few steps from a nearly-hidden beach, Home At First’s South Beach Cottages are the stuff of your dreams. On a bluff above the Atlantic with a private stairway to one of Bermuda’s magical, pink-sand, beach coves, South Beach Cottages offer fabulous scenery, delicious privacy, and touring-base convenience.
        THE LODGINGS: Three separate single-story (ground floor) cottages make up the complex:
An open-plan studio ideal for a couple. One large open-plan room with well-equipped, small kitchen with breakfast bar (seats 2), living area with lounge chair and flat-screen TV, dining table for two, and king bed. Separate bathroom with tub/shower.
       Laundry closet with washer/dryer. Patio with ocean view opens off the dining area, comes with umbrella-table for two, 2 lawn chairs, and 2 sun chaises. 
A large 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom cottage #1 ideal for 2 couples or a family of up to 6. Master bedroom with king bed and access to its own patio with sun chaises and beach view. 2nd bedroom with twin beds that can be made as a king bed plus a single bed.
       Two bathrooms with tub/showers accessed off the hall (not en suite to either bedroom). Laundry room with washer/dryer across the hall from the bathrooms. Living room with a TV, sofa, and day bed, open-plan with the complete kitchen and dining area. French doors off the living room open to the furnished patio with a beach view.
An extra-large 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom cottage #2 with a den that can be converted into a 3rd bedroom. Master bedroom with an Atlantic view, king bed and master en suite bathroom with walk-in shower.
       Bedroom #2 (queen bed) opens off the den, which has a couch with pull-out twin bed, a single day-bed, and flat-screen TV. The cottage’s 2nd bathroom (tub/shower) opens from the den, making the 2nd bedroom + den bedroom + bath a complex sleeping up to 4 persons.
       The spacious open-plan living room and dining area open off the large, fully-equipped kitchen, which also has the washer/dryer. The cottage has 3 furnished patios: 2 on the cliff-edge with spectacular ocean views just outside the dining area, and one set apart by the master bedroom, also with an ocean view. 
        MORE GOODIES: The three cottages share location, lawns, the private driveway, private parking for mini e-cars, mopeds, & scooters, the view across the endless Atlantic, and the stairway to the beach below.
       All three cottages come with air conditioning, cable TV, internet, WIFI, washer/dryers, furnished patio-terraces with gas-fired barbecue grills, dining tables with umbrellas, and lawn chairs and sun chaises.

  GETTING AROUND: South Beach Cottages guests can use public transportation to explore Bermuda. A bus stop is 50 yards from the end of the cottages’ private drive. From here guests can travel the length and breadth of Bermuda by bus.
       Guests not wanting to rely on public transportation schedules can easily arrange for taxi services from the cottage to anywhere roads go in Bermuda.
       Guests wanting to drive themselves on at least some days of their visit will be pleased that the South Beach Cottages are close (2-2.5 miles) to four rental companies for mopeds, scooters, and small e-cars. Private parking is provided for guests’ vehicles at the estate entrance.
       WHAT’S CLOSE? South Beach Cottages are set on Bermuda’s famed southeast shore known for its pink-sand beaches: Horseshoe Bay Beach, Warwick Long Bay Beach, and Elbow Beach.
       Two fine golf course (Belmont Hills G.C. & Turtle Hill at the Fairmont Southampton) are a couple of minutes away. The restaurants, grocers, churches, and numerous shops & boutiques of Southampton, Warwick, and Paget Parishes are within 5-15 minutes.


  • Paget Parish Inn Balcony View: Lodgings, Pool, & Garden.


Nearest Transit: Bus Stop 250 yards.
Nearest Ferry: Darrell’s Wharf ½ mile.
Beaches: Surf Side .89 mi.; Elbow 1.36 mi.
Nearest Golf Course: Belmont Hills ½ mile.

  Home At First‘s Paget Parish Inn is as practical as its location is desirable. Bermudian living is good here. The estate occupies a 2.5 acre hillside location overlooking Hamilton Harbor from the south. The historic property (dating from 1727) includes an award-winning restaurant plus a compound of several cottages built around a central outdoor pool for guest use.
       The grounds are beautifully landscaped with palms, pines, and flowering shrubs. The estate complex has eleven non-smoking cottage lodgings: deluxe king rooms sleeping two; suites with separate living rooms sleeping 2-4, and two-bedroom cottages sleeping 4-6. Children are welcome.
       Located in Paget Parish near the middle of the Main Island almost due south of Hamilton, Paget Parish Inn makes an ideal base for exploring Bermuda.
        THE LODGINGS are concentrated around the pool away and set for peace & privacy across the estate garden from the inn’s popular restaurant and bar, which are open to the public.
       All bedrooms have king-size beds. Suites have convertible queen-sized sofa-beds in their living rooms. Lodgings are equipped with WIFI, telephone, cable flat screen TV, air conditioning & ceiling fans, double sink bathrooms with showers, hairdryer, bathrobes, and security boxes for valuables.
       Every lodging has a microwave and small fridge. Deluxe rooms have private, furnished balconies or patios. One-bedroom suites have queen size sofa-beds in the living room and private furnished terraces. Two-bedroom cottages have queen size sofa-beds in the living room and private, furnished balconies or patios.

        EXTRA-COST LODGING OPTIONS include continental breakfast delivered daily, plus daily maid service. Also available is a dining plan for the inn’s restaurant.

        MORE GOODIES: Paget Parish Inn guests receive complimentary beach passes. Guests also receive reduced rates on meals in the inn’s award-winning restaurant, and may opt to join a “dine-around plan” valid for reduced-price dining in a selection of nine participating restaurants with varying cuisines.
       Paget Parish Inn restaurant’s wine list is thought the finest on Bermuda, with fine, rare wines from around the world stocking its cave. After dinner and at other times guests are welcome to enjoy the inn’s historic, intimate bar and lounge. The weekly Sunday brunch is especially attractive to guests, who may enjoy morning dining indoors or in the Palm Garden.

        GETTING AROUND: Paget Parish Inn guests can use public transportation to explore Bermuda. Two bus stops are within 300 yards of the inn’s entrance. A ferry stop on Hamilton Harbour is a half-mile away.
       Guests not wanting to rely on public transportation schedules can easily arrange for taxi services from the inn to anywhere roads go in Bermuda.
       Guests wanting to drive themselves on at least some days of their visit will be pleased that Paget Parish Inn is close to two rental companies for mopeds, scooters, and small e-cars. The inn provides guest parking for such vehicles.
        WHAT’S CLOSE? Paget Parish Inn is between approximately midway between the town centers of Paget Parish and Warwick Parish, and about mid-way between Hamilton Harbour and the beaches of Page and Warwick. A fine golf course (Belmont Hills G.C.) is a couple of minutes away. So are several restaurants, food shops, two laundry services, an assortment of churches, and numerous shops and boutiques.
       Otherwise: the speed limit in Bermuda is 21mph (35kmh) and the inn is roughly in the middle of the 20-mile-long island: drive more than 30 minutes or so in either direction and you will get wet.




Contact HOME AT FIRST: (800) 523-5842 (toll-free USA & Canada) +1 610 543 4348 (worldwide) info@homeatfirst.com