• Cotswolds - Broad Campden Cottages - Photo copyright Home At First
    Is it classic England you're seeking? Places like the village of Broad Campden with cottages of honey limestone?


Finding Classic England:

Independent Travel using Quality Cottages & Apartments

How to find the classic England of history & culture.
          Traditional England quietly continues, co-existing seamlessly alongside modern England — hidden in
plain sight. Scratch the surface and you will find it awaiting you. You can walk or drive on roadways the Romans built. Ancient Saxon churches still invite Sunday visitors. Walk the ramparts and explore the fortifications of medieval castles. Great abbeys and cathedrals — some still active, others dissolved into ruins by King Henry VIII — will move you with their solemn Gothic splendor. Express wonder at the mysteries of prehistoric Stonehenge and the many sites tied to King Arthur’s Camelot. Viking England exists, not far from Arts & Crafts England, War of the Roses England, Oliver Cromwell’s England, Tudor England, and the “finest hour” England of World War II. Visit the  Mrs. Shakespeare’s thatched cottage, Winston Churchill’s grand palace, Queen Katharine Parr’s castle from her fourth marriage, Sir Francis Drake’s converted abbey home, Jane Austen’s brick house — a former pub — and the Bronte sisters’ stone house and active parsonage.

  To find traditional England of history and culture, travel independently from your own vacation cottage in a charming, safe, traditional village. Home At First offers such cottages in several regions of England. Choose the one that most catches your imagination. Settle in to your quaint English home. Walk through your town or village; discover its shops and restaurants; meet some of its local residents. Tour your English home region in your rental car by driving the country lanes and the secondary “B-roads”, seeking out prominent sites you have longed to see, but keeping a serendipitous eye out for surprises along the way. During your explorations, watch for traditional pubs and restaurants, and choose one for your lunch stop, and perhaps another for afternoon tea. At the end of you day of discovery, return to your comfortable English cottage. Read. Relax. Stroll. Walk to a pub/restaurant for dinner, or eat-in, taking advantage of your well-equipped cottage kitchen. You will see much, and accomplish your travel goals. Most importantly, you will find classic England, and feel part of it.

Home At First’s FINDING CLASSIC ENGLAND Travel Program in a Nutshell:

Full-Package Destination: 

Includes trans-atlantic flights, cottage or apartment lodgings, & rental car.
Ground-only & Lodging-only options available.
Combinable with Home At First destinations
in Continental Europe, Britain, Ireland, Iceland, & Scandinavia.

Itinerary Character:

1-Week in

Explore rural Classic England independently by rental car from your own vacation cottage or apartment. Find classic England in your own traditional village or town and by touring the regional countryside. 

Lodging Types:

Weekly Cottage & Apartment Rentals

Choose Locations in several regions of Classic England: Cornwall & Devon, the Cotswolds, Shropshire & Cheshire, the Lake District, and North Yorkshire & the Yorkshire Dales. Lodgings are in/near traditional towns & villages near restaurants, shops, & services.

On-Site Costs: Food & Activities


Living high or modestly is very possible throughout rural Classic England. The best way to stick to a limited budget is to use your cottage’s well-equipped kitchen to prepare some of your meals.

Overall Trip Costs: 


Excellent Value, thanks to Home At First’s
low Full-Package prices.

with many Home At First Continental,
Scandinavian & UK destinations.

Language Spoken Everywhere:


Expect English from everyone. However, expect to hear different English accents in each region you visit.

Non-Stop Flight Length from
North America

6.5+ hrs from East Coast
9+ hrs from West Coast

North American flights arrive at London (LHR & LGW) and at Manchester (MAN).

Family Friendly?


Kids love the activities, the castles, the animals, and the food, but may not like a steady diet of  museums, galleries, and historical sites. Happily, it’s possible to do many different things every day.

Foodie Friendly?


British food — like American food — includes a broad range of international influences: French, Italian, Asian, West Indian, Chinese, Japanese, American, as well as English favorites: tea, fish & chips, scones, cakes, and meat pies.

Very Walkable

Classic England’s network of walking paths is extensive, with walks of all lengths and challenge. Books, maps, and apps are available for planning your walks and taking with you on the trails.


Strolling through villages and along canal towpaths.
Exploring historic sites, especially castles & stately homes.
Museums and galleries.
Riding preserved steam railways.
Visiting noted English gardens & arboretums. 
Shopping & Eating!
Exploring England’s national parks.

The Best Times to Go to Classic England:

April, through October, and at Christmas. Classic England is at its busiest during the peak visitor months of July & August when the best-known villages and tourist attractions draw crowds especially on weekends. A cozy Christmas in an English village is unforgettable!


Home At First’s Finding Classic England: Independent Travel with Quality Cottages & Apartments.

First — Request a Free Trip Proposal

Contact Home At First. Tell us about your travel dream of Finding Classic England. We will tell you about getting there, where we stay (you’ll love the choice of English lodgings in several regions!), and how to travel independently by rental car.

— Tell us how many people will be with you, and their ages.
— Tell us when you would like to travel, and for how long.
— Tell us if you would like to combine a visit to one English region with a visit to another part of England, or to Scotland, Wales, Ireland, or further to Paris or to any other Home At First destination in Continental Europe (Italy, Switzerland), Scandinavia (Denmark, Norway, Sweden), or even to Iceland.
— Ask for a Free Trip Proposal with Cost Estimate.



  • Devon: Buckland in the Moor thatched cottages wide. Photo copyright Home At First.
    Fairy tale dreamscapes can still be found across England. We stumbled across this group of thatched cottages while touring in Devonshire.

Second — We Design Your Dream Trip for You

We prepare a proposed itinerary & cost estimate with all the lodgings & transportation you need to Find Classic England independently using a quality vacation apartment. We send our individualized itinerary proposal to you via email and/or postal mail.
 You review our proposal; accept it, reject it, or revise it until we have it just right for you. It is, after all, your dream trip, to be done the way you wish.
 Once accepted, we request an initial payment by check along with your signed acceptance.
We begin putting your plans in place, securing your LODGINGS, FLIGHT RESERVATIONS & TICKETS, RENTAL CAR RESERVATIONS & VOUCHERS required. Most Home At First Finding Classic England guests arrive by air at London’s Heathrow or Gatwick Airports or at Manchester Airport in central England. Others come from elsewhere in England, Wales, or Scotland by rental car.
 Payment in full is due 90 days prior to departure, or when you are ready to lock in your included airfares, whichever comes first.

Third — Departure Day Finally Arrives

All travel documents for your trip — including a guidebook specifically themed for your regional Classic England destination — will be sent to you by 30 days prior to your trip departure date.
You follow our directions for your transfer from your arrival point (airport or otherwise) to your regional Classic England lodging, where you will be met at a pre-set time by your lodging’s host, who will show you the cottage or apartment, explain its workings, see to your comfort, and let you get some rest.
Have a nap. Get some groceries for your kitchen. Make supper or go out for a meal. The fun begins now as you begin to find Classic England independently from your comfortable English vacation home.


  • Yorkshire Dales: Walkers in Deerstalkers. Photo copyright Home At First.
    Why we love the English: they're like us, only different in interesting, curious ways. Touring rural England is a trip through the looking glass into an improbable, left-handed, land suspended in the aspic of another time. Plus fish & chips, tea, scones, clotted cream, Yorkshire pudding, bangers & mash, warmer beer, curries, and mushy peas. Long live the Queen!

REAL PEOPLE PROVIDING REAL HELP IN REAL TIME: Home At First helps all its travelers complete the steps necessary to officially enter, efficiently move about, and properly return home from their international destinations. If conditions change during your travels, our support staff remains on-call to answer your questions & provide any assistance needed.

Where to Find Classic England

Home At First Map of England



Quality Lodgings: Finding classic England begins with a choice of cottages and apartments in four rural regions of Classic England (West Central, Southwestern, Northwestern, & Northern) and/or apartments in safe, pleasant neighborhoods located in central London convenient to public transportation. All lodging locations are near a wide variety of shops, restaurants, cafés, and other services. All lodgings come with hosts on-site or on-call during your stay for questions, suggestions, problems, or emergencies.

Round-trip Flights: Our airline experts plan your round-trip flights to London (LHR or LGW) or Manchester (MAN), whichever is appropriate for your regional Classic England destination from your home airport. Our England price chart includes round-trip fares based on flights from New York (JFK) or Newark (EWR) to all regional England destinations.

Flights from/to all other originating airports worldwide are available for applicable fare supplements or reductions. Be sure to request the airfare cost from your originating airport when getting your free trip proposal.

Car Rental (for most rural destinations): The best way to tour the fascinating by-ways of rural England is to drive the B-roads (secondary roads) by rental car. Home At First’s “Finding Classic England” travel program comes with a 7-day car rental built-in to its Full Package and Ground-Only Package options — quality rental cars right for the size of your party. The base car rental assumes pick-up and drop-off at your arrival/departure airport (London or Manchester), but car rental pick-up and drop-off can be arranged at hundreds of locations across Britain according to individual need, usually for a supplemental price. Picking-up a rental car at one location and dropping at a different location usually incurs a supplemental fee.

BritRail Pass: Visitors staying in certain regional towns in the Cotswolds or North Yorkshire that have passenger rail service can elect to travel by public transport rather than by rental car. British trains go many places, but do not go everywhere, nor do they go so frequently that they rival a rental car for finding classic England. However, for visitors not wanting to drive in England (remember: left-side driving in the British Isles) limited exploration of England is possible by train if carefully planned. Home At First can arrange for the appropriate BritRail Passes for guests not wanting rental cars.

• Guidebook Keyed for Your Classic England Destination: We provide our exclusive “England Activities Guide” or other destination-specific guidebook to help you make the most out of your visit. Includes suggestions for touring, walking, restaurants, pubs, shopping, museums, galleries, gardens, castles, cathedrals, mountains, sea coasts, royal England, day-trips to destinations outside in neighboring regions, and much more.

Extend Your Vacation Options: Add a week (or more) at your current English lodging, or try a different location in England (can be as little as 3 nights at our London city apartments). Or add a week or more in Home At First locations in Wales, Scotland, &/or Ireland, or a little further afield in Europe: Paris, Italy, Switzerland, or in Scandinavia: Norway, Sweden, &/or Denmark. Or, add a convenient stopover visit to Iceland on your way to/from England. Home At First will handle all the arrangements: transportation between destinations, lodging at your extension destinations, and appropriate ground transportation at all your destinations. All Home At First destinations come with English-speaking hosting, and you receive a guidebook keyed for exploring each of your destinations.










Photo montage sequence © Home At First.

London is England’s cultural, political, and population center. Located on the River Thames in southeastern England, London is larger than New York, and home to approximately one-sixth of England’s residents. Despite its size, London is easy to get around using its extensive network of Underground (Tube) train lines. Many of London’s dozens of attractions are world famous, and most are found in central London 30 minutes or less from Home At First‘s apartment lodgings near the iconic Tower Bridge. Here’s a partial listing:

Tower Bridge
The Tower of London
Buckingham Palace for the Changing of the Guard
London Theatre: 30+ playhouses
Big Ben and Parliament
Harry Potter’s Shop,
Platform 9¾ King’s Cross
The Victoria & Albert Museum
Westminster Abbey
The Shard — Europe’s tallest skyscraper
The London Eye giant Ferris wheel on the Thames
The British Museum
Oxford, Regent, Bond, & Carnaby Streets — shopping!
Borough Market open-air food emporium
The National Gallery & National Portrait Gallery
St. Paul’s Cathedral
The Museum of London

Covent Garden
Parks: Hyde, Regents, Green, St. James’s



Photo montage sequence © Home At First.

Home At First can arrange your visit to London. Although stays for as few as 3 nights are possible, we recommend adding a 1-week London package visit — London has so much to do you will want to spend at least 7 nights there. Regardless of length all Home At First London packages include:
• Apartment Lodging in modern apartment buildings in Central London near Tower Bridge. London Lodgings.
• The London TransPass valid on London’s Underground (Tube) trains, red buses, some regional rail lines, and even on certain Thames River passenger cruisers.
• Our exclusive “London Activities Guide” helps get the most out of your visit.
• Packages can include flights or railway tickets for getting to/from London as needed.
• Prices for custom-made visits to London are available by request. See our London Prices or contact us here.





Cotswolds: thatched cottage - Photo copyright Home At First.


WEST central CLASSIC ENGland


( See Cotswolds Lodgings.)


 Our most popular rural Classic England program destination is The Cotswolds of west central England where our guests stay in cottages & apartments in classic towns and villages in rural northeastern Gloucestershire and southeastern Worcestershire. This region is an official Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, revered for its rolling hills, thatched cottages of honey-colored limestone, historic market towns made prosperous by the medieval wool trade, and historic associations with English royalty, horse racing and fox hunting, great cathedrals, imposing castles, grand gardens, and quirky local breweries.
     The main ridge of Cotswolds hills separates the watersheds of England’s two longest rivers, the Severn and the Thames. The region’s B-road byways cross the hills and trace the rivers, finding classic England in villages tucked in the folds of the hills and along bends in the rivers. Visitors love finding and exploring tiny, oddly-named, chocolate box  villages like Lower Slaughter, Stow-on-the-Wold, Bourton-on-the Water, Snowshill (“Snozzle”), Ball’s Green, and Tiltups End. The Cotswolds has cities, too: Gloucester and Worcester with their fine cathedrals, Warwick with its superb castle, and Cheltenham with its important (horse-) racetrack.
     The Cotswolds includes much of the county of Gloucestershire plus portions of neighboring Oxfordshire, Somerset, Warwickshire, Wiltshire, and Worcestershire, a region extending as much as 25 miles wide west to east and about 90 miles northeast from Bath, Somerset, nearly reaching Shakespeare’s Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire.

ATTRACTIONS:     Although the Cotswolds offers sufficient activities and attractions to occupy the most frenetic visitors, easy day-trips beyond the region include excursions to
Stratford & Shakespeare country 
Bath with its Roman baths and impressive medieval abbey
the castle-dense Welsh Marches along the Wales border
Gothic & Tudor Oxford
the prehistoric mysteries of Stonehenge and Amesbury
the great early medieval cathedral at Salisbury
the 12th century Norman & Romanesque Tewksbury Abbey 
the historic waterfronts at Gloucester & Bristol
Brunel’s wondrous Clifton Suspension Bridge
John Rennie’s head-scratching canal ladder of 29 locks at Caen Hill on the Kennet & Avon Canal.
     And, should you somehow tire of the glories of the English countryside, you can day-trip to London by train in as little as 90 minutes for a very different day away.

ACTIVITIES are as varied as the scenery in the Cotswolds. Outdoorsy visitors love exploring sumptuous English gardens, hiking the extensive network of trails, horsing the bridle paths up the hills and through the fields, or cycling on marked bike routes.
     Transportation fans train-spot on the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Steam Railway, scan the skies at the annual Royal International Air Tattoo at RAF Fairford, and marvel at the Formula speeds on 2 wheels and 4 at the Silverstone Circuit. Many of the world’s best athletes on 4 legs are on display every year at jumping and equestrian events at Cheltenham and Badminton
     Major historic houses open for public visit abound in the Cotswolds. A sampling includes:
William Morris’s Kelmscott Manor
Katharine Parr’s Sudeley Castle
Anne Hathaway’s Cottage (Mrs. Wm. Shakespeare)
Winston Churchill’s Blenheim Palace
Chavenage House — used in British TV series, including Poldark
Berkeley Castle, where King Edward II was murdered (1327).
     Minor historic houses litter the Cotswolds. Find them in every town and village, along lanes and trails, atop the highest hills, and in the deepest, darkest vales. Many remain residences and not open to visitors. Others are antique shops, pubs, galleries, post offices, and restaurants eager to welcome you. Bring your curiosity and follow the B-roads. You will be certain to find classic England.



Devon &




southwest CLASSIC ENGland

( See Devon Lodgings .)
( See Cornwall Lodgings .)


       The West Country. To those who reside elsewhere in England, Britain’s southwestern peninsula between the Bristol Channel and the English Channel is a region almost as different as Wales, Scotland, or Ireland.
       Two historic counties — Devon and Cornwall — occupy the West Country peninsula. And, although these two counties have much in common, their differences reinforce their traditional rivalry. Here’s a brief look at both counties:

DEVON: Devonshire cream teas, thatched villages, coastal bluffs and inland heath and moor right out of the novels of Thomas Hardy’s Wessex, sandy beach resorts, full-sized toy trains, wild ponies, May flowers and the Mayflower all draw you to Devon.
       Devon’s two coasts are lined with beach resorts and fishing villages — especially the “English Riviera” in East Devon — while its interior follows rivers from the coasts to the sucking bogs and breathtaking tors of Dartmoor National Park, which offers near wilderness scenery & hiking at 2,000′ above sea level. In between the coast and the heights, Devon is largely agricultural, and dotted with villages and towns often of great age and history.
       Home At First‘s cottages in Devon are located in/near the historic market town of Tavistock, at the southwestern entrance of Dartmoor National Park. One-half hour south is Plymouth, Devon’s large port city from which the Mayflower embarked for the New World 500 years ago. All lodgings are within day-trip driving reach of the English Channel (south) and the Bristol Channel (north) coastlines. Because they practically straddle the border with eastern Cornwall, our cottages provide an ideal location from which to explore all of the West Country.


CORNWALL:  once a corner of prickly Celtic resistance to Anglo-Saxon invaders, for many English visitors Cornwall is still a world apart, like Wales or Scotland. From the Tamar Valley to Lands End, Cornwall offers Cornish pasties,  World Heritage mining, sea cliffs and crashing surfKing Arthur’s legendary castle and Merlin’s cave, seaside resorts, ancient Celtic traditions, and cozy fishing villages.
       Cornwall mined its rugged landscape — mostly for tin — for 4 millennia. A World Heritage Site in eastern Cornwall commemorates the importance of mining. Dairy farming contributes the clotted cream and ice cream to Cornish cuisine. 
       Traditional seaside villages on both Cornish coasts attract visitors for their authentic charm and fresh seafood. Many of these towns — especially those with beaches — bring much tourism to Cornwall, earning it the title “The Cornish Riviera”. 
       Home At First’s principal lodging locations in Cornwall are in one of the quieter, more pristine coastal fishing villages, Coverack. Our cottages are all within walking distance of the village shops and its fine pub/restaurant, and some have sea views. 

WEST COUNTRY ATTRACTIONS: Our cottages make fine bases for exploring Devon & Cornwall by car. Follow the B-roads to be sure to find classic England. Day-trip goals include: 
Penzance & Land’s End: westernmost mainland Britain.
St. Michael’s Mount, an island at high tide topped with an impressive  castle.
Lizard Point: most southerly point of mainland Britain.
Ports, fishing villages & beaches along the south coast include: Falmouth, Fowey, Polperro, & Looe.
Ports, fishing villages, & beaches along the north coast include: St. Ives, Newquay, Port Isaac, Clovelly (a preserved village), and Lynton & Lynmouth.
Tintagel Castle & Merlin’s Cave: the tantalizing ruins of King Arthur’s origins?

English gardens.
Riding horses.
Hiking portions of the 500-mile-long Southwest Coast Path which traces the Devon & Cornwall coast.
Watersports: swimming, surfing, boating, and fishing.
Riding heritage railways.
Exploring quaint villages for antique shops, arts & crafts galleries, tea rooms, pubs, and restaurants.






northwest CLASSIC ENGland 

( See Lake District Lodgings.)


  The 18th century Romantic poets Wordsworth and Coleridge first brought this sparsely populated, remote part of northwest Classic England — The Lake District — into the public imagination. Their songs of praise of the region’s lovely landscape of lakes, hills and quaint villages still apply. It is this setting where Home At First‘s cottages and estate apartments are found.
       Home At First’s Lake District lodgings are cottages and estate apartments just west of famed Windermere lake in or near charming Hawkshead village, where English poet laureate William Wordsworth attended school as a boy.
       England’s beloved children’s writer Beatrix Potter (The Tale of Peter Rabbit) lived in nearby Near Sawrey village
. Potter wrote lovingly of the Lake District. Concerned with its conservation, she bought up several large regional estates which she willed to the nation. Potter’s bequest became the foundation for the Lake District National Park, the largest and most visited national park in England and a World Heritage Site.

THE LOCATION: The Lake District is in the far northwest of England, bordered to the north by Scotland and to the west by the Irish Sea. To the south and east of the tidal sands of Morecambe Bay, you reach the M6 motorway which leads south through Lancashire to Manchester International Airport, a two-hour drive from Hawkshead.

THE SETTING: Home At First’s lodgings are perfectly located as bases for day trips throughout the Lake District. A rental car is indispensable in this rugged, rural region. Distances are not great here, but the roads are winding, hilly, and narrow. Many lakes (most called “waters”) in this region lie in long valleys (“dales”) tucked between parallel ridges radiating out from the several clusters of peaks (“pikes” and “fells”). The region’s highest mountain, Scafell Pike (978m; 3,209′) is England’s highest. Windermere is the region’s largest lake, and the largest natural lake in England.       

HAWKSHEAD is a classically English village and an ideal base for touring the Lake District.
Car-free: No cars or trucks are permitted inside Hawkshead. A large car park, a row of modern shops, and the tourist information office serve as gatekeepers on the edge of the village. Inside the old village is a maze of narrow, cobbled alleyways lined with whitewashed cottages festooned with climbing roses and window boxes and potted gardens of English posies.
Eccentric: There’s nary a square wall, a straight, sharp edge, nor two leaded windows alike. Stone stair steps cascade from low arched doorways. There are shops selling spices in ceramic pots, rustic finery & cottage chintz, and crafts ranging from practical to preposterous. There is art and artisanship. Grocers, bakers, and butchers are ready to supply your picnic hamper. There are several fine, historic pubs & restaurants, each attractive enough to become your favorite-of-the-moment.


Walking & Hiking in the Lake District offers tranquility, and sometimes exciting challenge, but never dull repetition. Marked, mapped trails are everywhere with a good selection close to your lodgings.

•  Touring by car: Drive the hedge-lined lanes. Ride up and down the hills. Discover hidden gems of towns and villages like Coniston, Sawrey, Bowness, Windermere,  Ambleside, and Grasmere. Poke around craft shops.
Visit Beatrix Potter’s farmhouse, Hilltop, in Lower Sawrey. 
Take the car ferry across Windermere lake to Bowness, where The World of Beatrix Potter will delight the kids.
Stop at the Windermere Outdoor Adventure Centre in Windermere town for sailing, windsurfing, swimming, kayaking, paddleboarding, & more.
Coniston: busy village and walking center on Coniston Water. John Ruskin Museum & Coniston Brewery. Bike rentals, boat rides, and fishing
Grasmere: cute, touristy village on a small lake. Wordsworth’s Dove Cottage & museum is nearby.
Honister: working slate mine with mine tours and adventure activities: via ferrata & zip line.
Ride lake boats on Windermere, Coniston Water, Ullswater, and Derwent Water.
Take a nostalgic steam train on the Lakeside & Haverthwaite heritage railway. Can be combined with a cruise on Windermere.




Bolton abbey in the yorkshire dales, 

northern CLASSIC ENGland

( See Yorkshire Lodgings.)


  Here is land for all creatures, great and small. This part of northern Classic England is a pleasant, rolling landscape dotted with small villages and larger market towns. And it is in such places that our cozy cottages are located, villages with characteristic Yorkshire names like Bishop Monkton and Burnt Yates, names suggesting the quaint charm and slow pace of the region.
       Agriculture is the way of life here. In recent years Yorkshire’s two national parks and its variety of short and long-distance walking paths have brought the region new fame as a destination for those seeking beauty and tranquility in the unspoiled out-of-doors.

THE LOCATION: North Yorkshire is a large, mostly rural county in the north of England. Extending about 100 miles east-west from The Lake District to  the North Sea, and averaging about 50 miles north-south, North Yorkshire is among the largest and least densely populated counties in England. About 40% of the county is within the boundaries of its two national parks: Yorkshire Dales N.P. covering the western third of the county and North York Moors N.P. covering much of the eastern third of the county. In between, North Yorkshire is bisected by its principal north-south highway, the A1(M) motorway and the East Coast Mainline (ECML) high-speed railway, both carrying traffic between London (the south of England) and far northern England and Scotland. Most visitors arriving by air will drive their rental cars northeast from Manchester International Airport, in about two-hours under normal traffic conditions.

THE SETTING: Our lodgings are perfectly located as bases for day trips throughout North Yorkshire. Home At First’s Yorkshire lodgings are in or near villages or small towns just east of Yorkshire Dales N.P. We also offer apartments in the small city of Harrogate and in the historic city of York. Although guests staying in Harrogate and York can travel to many places by train, to flexibly explore this rugged, rural region a rental car is indispensable. Throughout both national parks roads are winding, hilly, and narrow, following rivers and streams and crossing steep ridges from valley to valley.       

ACTIVITIES & ATTRACTIONS: Yorkshire is known for much more than walking. Other activities include scenic touring, horseback riding, outings by steam train, and encounters with classic England history at numerous castles, abbeys, princely estates, and exploring the great medieval city of York.
       North Yorkshire & the Yorkshire Dales are about the serendipity of wandering. Whether you wander by car, by trainby bike, or on foot, exploring Yorkshire leads to the déjà vu discovery of places old and strange that seem at once new and familiar. Escape from the 21st century? Easily done here:

•  Touring by car: Drive the valleys of the Yorkshire Dales, tracing their namesake rivers: Wharfedale, Ribbledale, Nidderdale, Swaledale, and Wensleydale on the River Ure. Discover delightful towns and villages like Grassington, Hawes, Richmond, Settle, Pateley Bridge, and Leyburn. Find galleries & craft shops, food & sweet shops, funky museums, and village pubs.

Castles, Abbeys, & Stately Homes:

Beningbrough Hall: 18th c. stately home. Portrait gallery & gardens.

Bolton Abbey & Hall on River Wharfe.

Bolton Castle: 30min walk from Redmire on the Wensleydale Railway.

Castle Howard: palatial baroque stately home & estate on the southern edge of North York Moors N.P.

Fountains Abbey: 12th c. monastic ruin. World Heritage Site.

Middleham Castle: 12th c. explorable ruin. Boyhood home of Richard III.

Richmond Castle: large 11th c. Norman ruin.

Ripon Cathedral: 12th c. Early English gothic.

Skipton Castle: well-preserved 11th c.


Scarborough: Yorkshire’s biggest coastal resort with a lively old town harbor, and strand lying below the ancient ruins of Scarborough Castle.

York: Viking roots & museum; lively medieval Shambles core & city walls; major railway station and National Rail Museum; fabulous York Minster gothic cathedral.

Scenic Railway Lines:

Embsay & Bolton Steam Railway: 4mi. east-west heritage line along southern edge of Dales N.P.

North Yorkshire Moors Railway: 18mi south-north heritage line thru North York Moors N.P. Often used in film & TV.

Settle to Garsdale Stn.: 30min south-north Northern line thru remote Yorkshire Dales N.P. via the amazing Ribblehead Viaduct.

Wensleydale Railway: 22mi. east-west heritage line from Leeming Bar to Redmire.

Walking & Hiking: North Yorkshire offers a wide variety of marked short & long trails.

Finding Classic England: Quality Lodgings

Minimum lodging time is 7 nights for rural cottages. City apartments have a 3-night minimum.

England - Chipping Campden thatched cottage. Photo copyright Home At First.

  Pictured above is a 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom Home At First thatched cottage in the town of Chipping Campden in the northern Cotswolds. Set in a quiet, residential neighborhood, the cottage is within 5-minutes walking time to the shops, restaurants, and pubs of the town’s High Street. The cottage interior is beautifully furnished and very well-equipped. The cottage exterior is equally impressive: attractive, spacious, and relaxing. Private, off-street parking adds to the cottage’s appeal as an excellent base for car-touring throughout the Cotswolds, into Shakespeare country, to Oxford, Bath, Stonehenge, and beyond.

 Home At First’s cottages, townhouse apartments, and city apartments range in size — from studios to 4-bedrooms — sleeping anywhere from 1 person to 8 persons. Lodgings vary in location from urban to rural towns and villages to country estate settings. All of our Classic England lodgings meet high standards for cleanliness and are comfortable, interesting, safe, well-equipped, convenient bases for exploring their locale or region. Most lodgings come with hosts on-site or close-by, who meet you when you arrive and are available throughout your stay. Some city apartments have concierge desks staffed much of the day every day of the week. Most rural lodgings have usable outdoor space — balconies, patios, terraces, even gardens — ideal for snacking, light meals, or relaxing during fine weather.

Care & Cleanliness: The apartments have been thoroughly cleaned prior to your arrival, but are not maid-serviced during your stay. Nearly all rural lodgings and some city apartments are equipped with laundry machines. Accommodations are non-smoking and most do not permit pets. Basic starter kitchen and bathroom supplies are provided.

 Well-Equipped: As with lodgings at any Home At First destination, our “Finding Classic England” cottages, townhouses, and apartments have, as a minimum, bedrooms, private bathrooms, living and dining areas/rooms, and well-equipped kitchens. Some multiple-bedroom accommodations come with multiple bathrooms, often en suite with the bedrooms. Some few studio apartments or smaller cottages have open-plan living-dining-sleeping space and/or kitchenettes without ovens. Bed and bath linens and a hair-dryer are provided. Flat-screen cable TVs and free internet WIFI are almost universal.

Sample Lodgings & Locations Ideal for Finding Classic England

  Shown and described below is a sample lodging from each of the four Home At First Classic England regions. They are shown here as representative examples of different sizes and capacities of lodgings we provide our guests. While the full range of our available Classic England lodgings and locations to choose from is extensive, the standard of quality and service is the same regardless of apartment or location.
       NOTE: to see a selection of London apartments, click here.

NOTE — FOR BEST VIEWING: each of the following apartment descriptions begins with a slide show. You can move from slide to slide (forward or reverse) by clicking on the direction arrows below each slide. To see any slide in large format on a PC, “right click” on the selected slide and click on the “Open image in new tab” (Chrome) or “View Image” (Firefox). 




  • Semi-detached cottages in Chipping Campden. Photo copyright Home At First.
    Semi-detached cottages in Chipping Campden.

cotswolds cottages

In the Northern Cotswolds —
Gloucestershire & Worcestershire.

THE LODGINGS & THEIR SETTING: Located in the attractive town of Chipping Campden and nearby in neighboring villages in northern Gloucestershire and southeastern Worcestershire, Home At First‘s Cotswolds Cottages are ideally located for exploring the heartland of England. There are several cottages to choose from, with new offerings being added each season. Regardless of their location, all our Cotswolds cottages are in classic English settings close to shops, pubs, and restaurants. The cottages themselves reflect the traditional style of the classic England countryside, often featuring exposed wooden beams in the walls and ceilings, stone hearth fireplaces, eat-in country kitchens, plush living room chairs and sofas, chintz curtains, and beds topped with thick duvets and extra pillows. Bathrooms will have a shower, and many have bathtubs as well. Appliances are up-to-date modern, TVs large & flat-screened, and WiFi universal. A few very photogenic cottages have thatched roofs. Many cottages have gardens with terraces or patios for sitting in fine weather. Most have private parking, but a few offer only on-street parking, which can be challenging on busy summer weekends.

CHIPPING CAMPDEN — the principal town in our Cotswolds regional setting (pop. 2,300) — is known for its thatched “cottages”, medieval church that hosts an important classical music festival every May, and the 400-year-old Cotswold “Olympicks”. Home At First offers several cottages in Chipping Campden, where there are several pubs, restaurants, shops, and services. Home At First has additional cottages and apartments in towns and villages within a few minutes of Chipping Campden, including:
• Blockley (pop. 1,000; Moreton-in-Marsh rail station reached in 12min by car)
• Bretforton (pop. 1,023; Honeybourne rail station reached in 6min by car)
• Broad Campden (pop. 150; 4min by car or 25min walking to Chipping Campden)
• Broadway (pop. 2,540)
• Moreton-in-Marsh (pop. 3,500; rail station in town)
       All make excellent bases for touring throughout the Cotswolds and are within easy day-trip range of popular destinations in neighboring regions, including:

Shakespeare Country (Stratford-upon-Avon: 30-45 minutes away)
Oxford (45-60 minutes)
Hay-on-Wye on the Welsh border (1hr, 45min)
Warwick Castle (45min)
Bath Spa (1hr, 45min)
Stonehenge & Salisbury (2hrs, 10min).

       While it is  perfectly easy to use your Cotswolds village as a base for daily auto excursions, there is much to do in and near your come without driving far or at all:

Horseback riding (this is horse country).
Walking & hiking — the long-distance Cotswolds Way meanders south through Chipping Campden en route to Broadway, Snowshill, Stanton, and ultimately to Bath.
Antique hunting in local shops.
Visiting English estate gardens, e.g. Hidcote Manor and Snowshill Manor.
Pub & boutique brewery crawling. The Cotswolds has at least 10 brew pubs or micro-breweries, & several award-winning brews.
Riding the region’s restored heritage railway: Gloucestershire Warwickshire Steam Railway.

  Regardless of whether you stay close to home or choose to day-trip far and wide, Chipping Campden and its neighboring villages are friendly, happy, and welcoming English villages to return to, to dine in, to stroll around, and in which to find Classic England.






  • Devon landscape. Photo copyright © VisitBritain/David Clapp.
    Devon's rural interior is a patchwork of fields, hedgerows, & tidy villages.


In Dartmoor National Park 5-minutes drive from Tavistock in western Devon.

THE LODGINGS & THEIR SETTING: Home At First‘s West Devon Farm Cottages are are located in the southwestern corner of Dartmoor National Park. The three West Devon Farm Cottages are clustered on a small working farm within the confines of Dartmoor National Park. Chickens, goats, sheep, and horses are your neighbors housed nearby, as are your welcoming hosts — the farm owners, who tend their animals and vegetable garden and are customarily on-site and available to tackle guests’ questions and problems, or to talk about life in this beautiful corner of Classic England. The 3 stone & wood cottages are independent of each other — no shared walls or access — but they do share the farm’s private entrance lane. The farm is reached by narrow, hedge-lined, rural roads that see little traffic. Here’s a brief description of the 3 cottages:

Cottage #1: Sleeps up to 6 persons in an “upside-down” 2-story cottage with open-plan living room, dining area, and kitchen on the upper floor. Ground floor has 1 double bedroom, 1 twin bedroom, & 1 bunk bedroom, 1.5 bathrooms and laundry room. TV, WiFi, wood stove, private parking for 2 cars.

Cottage #2: Sleeps up to 5 persons in a 2-story cottage. Ground floor: open-plan living room, dining area, and kitchen. Single bedroom with en suite bathroom (shower) and laundry on the ground floor. Upper floor has a loft lounge (sofa & writing table) between w bedrooms (1 double & 1 twin), & 1 bathroom (tub). TV, WiFi, wood stove, private parking for 2 cars.

Cottage #3: Sleeps 2-4 persons in a 2-story cottage. Ground floor: open-plan living room (can be fitted with twin or bunk beds to sleep 1-2 persons), dining area, and kitchen. Bathroom (tub/shower) on the ground floor. Upper floor gallery has 1 double bed sleeping area and a living area. TV, WiFi, central heating, private garden sitting area, & private parking for 2 cars. Use of laundry machines in owners’ house.

THE SETTING: The closest shops and services to the cottages are in Tavistock, a 10-minute drive from the farm.  Tavistock (pop. 11,000) is an historic market town with a large number of shops, restaurants, pubs, and other services. But guests needn’t drive into Tavistock to reach the nearest pub to the farm: the historic Peter Tavy Inn, a charming, country inn 7 minutes drive or 25 minutes cross-country walk from the farm in the village of Peter Tavy. The closest tor (rocky promontory) — Cox Tor (1,100′ high) in Dartmoor National Park — is an hour’s walk uphill from the cottages.

TOURING: The cottages are well-located for exploring England’s West Country by rental car. Surrounded by the mysterious wilds of Dartmoor, within easy driving of the English Channel (south) and the Bristol Channel (north) coastlines, our cottages are ideally located to explore the region’s top attractions inland and along two coasts. And, because they practically straddle the border of western Devonshire with eastern Cornwall, they provide a perfect location from which to explore all of Classic England’s West Country. Here’s a partial list of popular destinations within day-trip range:

Dartmoor National Park begins out your door! 
Plymouth: historic maritime city (50 minutes)
Salcombe: South Devon coastal resort (75min)
Looe: South Cornwall coastal resort (60min)
Clovelly: preserved north Devon fishing village (1hr, 20min)
Tintagel Castle: King Arthur’s birthplace (?) on the north Cornwall coast (65min).
Bodmin & Wenford Steam Railway: Scenic mid-Cornwall standard gauge 13mi round-trip (55min).

       Regardless of whether you stay close to home or choose to day-trip far and wide, West Devon is a friendly, happy, and welcoming region to return to, to dine in, to stroll around, and to find Classic England.




in coverack on sea
lizard peninsula, cornwall


  • Coverack Cove. Photo copyright Home At First.
    Coverack Cove viewed from peninsular Coverack by the harbour.


Cottages in a remote, classic Cornish seaside village near the southern tip of Britain.

THE LODGINGS & THEIR SETTING: Between west Devon and Lands End, westernmost Classic England — Cornwall — offers Cornish pasties, ice cream, & cream teas, World Heritage mining sites, sea cliffs & crashing surfcastles & historic sites, coastal resorts, and cozy, fishing villages. One such village, Coverack, occupies a semi-protected stretch of Cornwall’s south coast on the Lizard Peninsula, southernmost Britain.

  Home At First‘s Coverack Coastal Cottages are remote. They are at least 5½hrs from London, 20+min drive from the nearest town (Helston, pop. 11,200), and 45min or so drive time from Falmouth (pop. 21,800), a pretty 18th century town with an important, historic, deep-water harbor, or Truro (pop. 18,800), county seat of Cornwall. But one doesn’t come to Coverack to find civilization, rather to escape it. Experiencing life by the sea in an authentic and nearly unspoiled Cornish village is the traveler’s reward — that and a choice of several lovely cottages, including these four:       

White Thatch Cottage: Sleeps up to 4 persons in a pretty, whitewashed, 2-story, thatched cottage with views of the Cove and the village. Ground floor: over-stuffed living room with wood stove and flat-screen TV; spacious, well-equipped country kitchen and dining area, Upper floor has 1 double bedroom, 1 twin bedroom, with the bathroom (tub/shower) in between. Washer/dryer. WiFi, Walled front garden. Limited on-street parking. Shops & excellent pub/restaurant 1-3min walk. 

Stone Thatched Cottage: Charming 2-story 18th century thatched cottage. Views of the Cove and the lower village. Sleeps up to 6. Ground floor: spacious, comfy living/dining room with Inglenook fireplace and flat-screen TV; superbly-equipped kitchen foodies find exciting. Upper floor has 1 king bedroom, 1 double bedroom, 2 single bedrooms, and a shower room & WC. Washer/dryer. WiFi, Limited on-street parking. Shops & excellent pub/restaurant 1-3min walk. 

Coast Path Cottage: Historic 2-story 18th century whitewashed cottage. Views of the open sea (English Channel). Sleeps up to 4. Ground floor: spacious, overstuffed living room with stone fireplace and flat-screen TV; well-equipped eat-in kitchen with Inglenook fireplace, washer/dryer, and cushy sofa. Upper floor has 1 king bedroom, 1 twin bedroom, 2 single bedrooms, with a full bathroom (shower/tub). Sheltered, furnished garden with access to the SW Coast Path and stairs descending to the beach & playground. Parking 50 yards away. Shops & excellent pub/restaurant 1-3min walk. 

Sea View Cottage: Sleeps up to 5 persons in a modern, “upside-down”, 2-story cottage. Upper floor: open-plan living room, dining area, and kitchen; cathedral ceiling & glass front wall with superb sea views. Glass doors open onto the large, furnished terrace with grand views overlooking the English Channel. Ground floor: master double bedroom with covered balcony (sea view!) and with en suite bathroom (bath tub & separate shower stall); 1 twin bedroom (sea view!); & 1 single bedroom; plus a full bathroom (with tub/shower). TV, WiFi, washing machine, furnished patio with BBQ, and private parking for 2 cars. Close to the SW Coast Path. Two beaches within 10min walk. Shops, pub, & restaurants: 5-10min walk. 

TOURING: Rental cars are necessary for Coverack guests, even those with no ambitions to tour Cornwall. However, within day-trip range are many interesting destinations, including: 

Penzance: Britain’s westernmost town is 45min away. Add 20min to reach Land’s End point. 
St. Michael’s Mount: castle-topped island is reachable on foot when the tide is out (40min).
St. Ives: Resort town on Cornwall’s north coast, home of Tate St. Ives modern art gallery. (50min)
Lizard Point: Mainland Britain’s southernmost point. 25min by car. 4hrs hike via SW Coast Path.
Newquay: 2 Atlantic surfing beaches (70min).
Tintagel Castle: King Arthur’s birthplace (?) on the north Cornwall coast (1hr 50min).
Bodmin & Wenford Steam Railway: Scenic mid-Cornwall standard gauge 13mi round-trip (85min).

ACTIVITIES: In addition to touring, Coverack guests enjoy:

Watersports: swimming, boating, fishing in Coverack & along the Lizard Peninsula coast. 
Walking & hiking along the SW Coast Path.
Shopping for arts & crafts in seaside villages.
Links Golf at Mullion G.C. (25min drive).

       Whether you stay close to home or day-trip far & wide, Coverack is a friendly, happy, welcoming town to return to, to dine in, to stroll around, and to find Classic England.





  • Esthwaite View Apartments - front facade & parking - Photo copyright Home At First.
    Esthwaite View Apartments - front facade & parking.

LAKE DISTRICT cottages & apartments

In & near Hawkshead village in England’s Lake District National Park — Cumbria.

THE LODGINGS & THEIR SETTING: Home At First‘s Lake District lodgings are well equipped with all the comforts of home. They may be in cottages in or very near the quintessentially classic England village of Hawkshead. Others are spacious apartments in a beautiful converted country estate house overlooking Esthwaite Water, a small lake 5min drive east of Hawkshead and 10min drive west of famed Lake Windermere. All Home At First lodgings in/near Hawkshead are perfectly located as bases for day trips throughout the Lake District. We offer a wide choice of cottages and apartments in this attractive setting. Here is a sampling of descriptions of three guest favorites illustrated in the above slide show:

Esthwaite View 2-Bedroom Apartment: Sleeps up to 4 persons in a spacious 2nd floor apartment. Open-plan main room consisting of a well-equipped kitchen, comfortable living room, and dining area with fine views of the Esthwaite Water lake & high mountains to the west. Two bedrooms: master king bedroom with en suite bathroom with shower stall; 1 twin bedroom (twin beds can be configured as a king bed). A full bathroom (with tub/shower) in the hall. TV, WiFi, & private parking. Set on a wooded, landscaped 40-acre estate. Guests have use of common laundry facilities, children’s playground, woodland walkways, and shared rowboats moored on the estate’s lake frontage. Hawkshead’s numerous shops, pubs, & restaurants: 5min drive. 

Copper Cottage 2-Bedroom: Sleeps up to 4 persons in a modernized, classic, 2-story, 18th century, town cottage in central Hawkshead. Ground floor: a well-equipped eat-in country kitchen with dining table for 4 persons. Large living room with overstuffed matching sofa & 2 easy chairs, working fireplace, and flat-screen TV. Upstairs are two double bedrooms with TVs and with en suite bathrooms with showers. WiFi, & permit parking for 1 car in the town car lot. Central location means all of Hawkshead’s numerous shops, pubs, & restaurants are within 1-3min walk from the front door of the cottage. NOTE: this cottage permits guests with dogs.

Top-of-the-Square Cottage 1-Bedroom: Sleeps 2 persons in a whitewashed, 2-story, town cottage overlooking the square in central Hawkshead. Lower floor: large open-plan room featuring a well-equipped eat-in country kitchen; dining area with table for 2 persons; workspace with room for 2; living room with overstuffed matching sofa & easy chair, working woodstove set in a stone fireplace, and flat-screen TV. Upstairs a king bedroom with TV and with adjoining bathroom with tub/shower. WiFi, & permit parking for 1 car in the town car lot. Central location means all of Hawkshead’s numerous shops, pubs, & restaurants are within 1-3min walk from the front door of the cottage. NOTE: cottage entry is up 16 concrete stairs from street level —has banister but no overhead cover.

ACTIVE TOURING: Rental cars are necessary for Lake District. Within driving day-trip range are many interesting destinations with things to do, including: 

Coniston on Coniston Water: active town with lake cruises, cycling, walking & hiking (10 minutes away)
Beatrix Potter’s Near Sawrey (6 minutes)
Busy Bowness on Windermere: lake cruising and The World of Beatrix Potter (35min, using the car ferry across Windermere)
Windermere: regional center for watersports (40min)
Ambleside village: shopping, especially for outdoor clothing & gear (15min)
Wordsworth’s Grasmere: small, quaint village with museum (25min)
Honister: adventure activities for the whole family at a working slate mine (1hr, 10min)
Ullswater: more cruising among rugged scenery (1hr, 5min)
Derwent Water: ditto (50min).
Haverthwaite: southern terminus of the L&H heritage railway (30min).
Whitehaven Circle Trip: scenic tour around the Lake District peaks to Whitehaven and along the coast of the Irish Sea (5hrs,).

 Regardless of whether you stay close to home or choose to day-trip far and wide, Hawkshead is a friendly, happy, and welcoming English village to return to, to dine in, to stroll around, and find Classic England.



in north yorkshire near the yorkshire dales nat’l. park


  • Richard Nimoy Farm Cottage - cottage exterior. Photo courtesy the owners.
    Richard Nimoy Cottage is in lovely country between Harrogate & Ripon.

north yorkshire lodgingS

In villages & towns in/near the Yorkshire Dales N.P. and in small city of Harrogate.

THE LODGINGS & THEIR SETTING: Home At First‘s North Yorkshire Cottages are found in villages with characteristic Yorkshire names like Bishop Monkton and Nidderdale. The names suggest accurately the quaint charm and slow pace of the Yorkshire Dales. And for those looking to combine a town and country experience, Home At First also offers apartments in the small, prosperous city of Harrogate, between the Dales and York. The apartments are short distances to of shops, restaurants, and the rail station, making rail trips to York and other British cities attractive and convenient.
        Here is a sampling of descriptions of three guest favorites illustrated in the above slide show:

Richard Nimoy 2-Bedroom Farm Cottage: Sleeps up to 4 persons in a modernized, classic, 2-story, 19th century, farm cottage 2min drive (12min walk) outside the pretty village of Burton Leonard, set approximately midway between Harrogate (25min south) and Ripon (15min north). 14th century Ripley Castle is about 10min drive SW; the Yorkshire Dales National Park is about 15min to the west, and the city of York is less than an hour to the SE.
       Ground floor includes a well-equipped country kitchen open-plan with dining area (table for 4 persons); living room with overstuffed matching sofa & easy chair, working wood stove fireplace, and flat-screen TV; powder room (WC).
        Upper floor includes two king bedrooms with TVs and with en suite bathrooms with walk-in showers (1 with a separate bathtub); a quiet reading nook.
        Extras: WiFi, washer/dryer, & private off-street parking by the cottage. Burton Leonard village has 2 pub/restaurants and a small village shop.

The Duchess Apartment, Central Harrogate: Sleeps up to 4 persons in spacious, contemporary apartment atop a handsome Victorian suburban home 2min drive (10min walk) to the nearest shop & pub, or 5min drive to the myriad of shops, restaurants, services, & rail station of central Harrogate. Easily reached by car are the Yorkshire Dales National Park (20min NW), Castle Howard and North York Moors National Park (60-120min NE). The city of York is less than an hour to the east by car or train.
       The Apartment includes a small, but well-equipped kitchen, a large open-plan dining area (table for 6) & living room with overstuffed matching sofa & easy chairs & flat-screen TV. A delightful balcony with garden views opens off the living/dining room. There are two bedrooms; a master king bedroom with en suite bathroom with walk-in shower; and a super-king (or twin beds). A full bathroom (tub & shower) is in the hall.
        Extras: WiFi, washer/dryer, & off-street parking for two cars. 

The Duke’s Apartment, Central Harrogate: Sleeps up to 6 persons in a tastefully furnished, spacious, 2-story, townhouse 2min drive (10min walk) to shopping, services, and restaurants and 4min drive (15min walk) to the Harrogate railway station. Easily reached by car are the Yorkshire Dales National Park (20min NW), Castle Howard and North York Moors National Park (60-120min NE). The city of York is less than an hour to the east by car or train.
       Ground floor includes a well-equipped kitchen open-plan with dining area (table for 6); living room with overstuffed matching sofa & easy chairs & flat-screen TV; master king (or  twin) bedroom with en suite bathroom with walk-in shower.
        Upper floor includes a king (or twin) bedroom, a double bedroom, and a full bathroom (tub/shower) in the hall. 
        Extras: WiFi, washer/dryer, & permit on-street parking by the house.

HOW TO CHOOSE? We believe that for most guests staying in a rural setting or in a small village offers the most authentic North Yorkshire experience. However, guests wanting to travel by train for day-trips that could include destinations as far away as London and Edinburgh (about 3½ hours to either city) as well as to York (55min) will find Harrogate a more practical base. Regardless, to explore North Yorkshire, guests will need a rental car to have the best experiences while finding Classic England. 


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