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 une romance  monumentale…

The Eiffel Tower among a forest of chimney pots crowding Left Bank rooftops.

The above photo was taken from the rooftop terrace of a Home At First Left Bank Paris apartment.

HOME AT FIRST ParisA Monumental Romance

Fall in Love with Home At First Paris —

Independent Apartment-based Travel

Explore the romantic City of Light via Home At First Paris independent apartment-based travel.

  Paris has evolved for 2,300 years or so, expanding outward from the original sheltered village on two islands in the River Seine. Celts, Romans, Franks, French royals, English royals, French revolutionaries, Napoleon Bonaparte, French republicans, Nazis & Vichy French, and post-war modern parliamentarians from the socialist left to the reactionary right have made Paris their place of power.

  Revolutionary ideas both influenced and challenged Parisian power politics. In its universities, in its streets, Paris’s intellectual elite found the proper conditions for experiments in art, architecture, cuisine, education, fashion, literature, philosophy, politics, science, and theater.

  Revolutionary forces shaped the medieval city into the romantic Paris we love to explore: a city of monuments, grand boulevards, incomparable art museums, parks, squares, & gardens inviting pauses and picnics, and warrens of alleys lined with boutiques, cafés, and galleries.

  The River Seine dominates the city’s geography. Its arched course bisects Paris into two distinct halves: the Right Bank and the Left Bank. The halves are fragmented into individual arrondissements (districts) comprised of unique neighborhoods. Each neighborhood has its own character, history, attractions, surprises, and charms. Each invites exploration. Each rewards discovery.

  Discover Home At First’s Paris independent apartment-based travel. To discover Paris is to fall in love.

In a Nutshell: Home At First’s PARIS Independent Apartment-based Travel

Full-Package Destination: 

Home At First’s Paris independent apartment-based travel includes trans-atlantic flights, Paris apartment, & public transport pass. Ground-only & Lodging-only options available.
Combinable with Home At First destinations in Europe, Britain & Ireland, and Scandinavia.

Itinerary Character:

1-Week in PARIS

Live like a Parisian in your own central Paris apartment. Explore Paris at your own pace using public transportation:
the métro, buses, taxis and on foot. 

Lodging Types:

Weekly Apartment Rentals

Locations across central Paris on both the Left
Bank and Right Bank of the River Seine, in the 1st,
2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, and 18th Districts.

On-Site Costs: Food & Activities


Paris can be pricey, but can be done on
a manageable budget, too. Using your apartment’s
well-equipped kitchen can really help save.

Overall Trip Costs: 


Excellent Value, thanks to Home At First’s
low Full-Package prices.

with many Home At First Continental,
Scandinavian & UK destinations.

Languages Spoken Everywhere:


Expect English from your lodging host,
at the airport, most cabbies, in many  cafes & restaurants, in shops, and in railway stations.

Non-Stop Flight Length from
North America

8+ hrs from East Coast
10+ hrs from West Coast

Most North American flights arrive
at Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG).

Family Friendly?


Kids love the activities and the food, but may not like a
steady diet of  museums, galleries, and historical sites.

Foodie Friendly?


French food and wine are reasons enough to travel
to Paris, and are keys to understanding French culture.

Surprisingly Walkable

Central Paris is an area 3 miles west to east by
2.75 miles north to south.
Most Home At First Paris lodgings are within short
walks of several key Paris  attractions.


 River cruising
 Exploring historic sites
 Museums and galleries
 Taking French cooking classes
 Day-trips to Disney or Versailles

The Best Times to Go to Paris:

April, May, June, September, October, November, and
at Christmas. Paris is at its busiest, hottest, and least open
for visitors during July & August when
many Parisians take vacations.


Home At First’s Paris Independent Apartment-based Travel Program.

First — Request a Free Trip Proposal

Contact Home At First. Tell us about your dream of travel to Paris, France. We will tell you about getting there, where we stay (you’ll love our Paris apartments and their central locations!), and how best to get around (via public transport, or by walking).

— Tell us how many people will be with you, and their ages.
— Tell us when you would like to travel, and for how long.
— Tell us if you would like to combine a visit to Paris with a visit to another part of France, to London, or to any other Home At First destination in Continental Europe, Scandinavia, or the British Isles.
— Ask for a Free Trip Proposal with Cost Estimate.

  • Paris — the Louvre attempts to catalog the traditional and foment the revolutionary in the world of art and architecture.
    1st District: The Louvre. Tradition & revolution coexist unabashedly in the art museums of Paris.


Second — We Design Your Dream Trip for You

We prepare a proposed itinerary & cost estimate with all the lodgings & transportation you need to discover Home At First’s independent apartment-based travel. We send our individualized itinerary proposal to you via email and/or postal mail.

You review our proposal; accept it, reject it, or revise it until we have it just right for you. It is, after all, your dream trip, to be done the way you wish.

Once accepted, we request an initial payment by check along with your signed acceptance.

We begin putting your plans in place, securing your LODGINGS, FLIGHT RESERVATIONS & TICKETS, PARIS TRANSPASSES and/or any TRAIN TICKETS required. Most Home At First Paris guests arrive by air at Charles de Gaulle or Orly Airports; many others come from London and other parts of Europe by train.

Payment in full is due 90 days prior to departure, or when you are ready to lock in your included airfares, whichever comes first.

Third — Departure Day Finally Arrives

All travel documents for your trip — including a guidebook for Paris — will be sent to you by 30 days prior to your trip departure date.
You follow our directions for your transfer from your arrival point to your Paris lodging. You will be met at a pre-set time by your lodging’s host, who will show you the apartment, explain its workings, see to your comfort, and let you get some rest.
Have a nap. Get some groceries for your kitchen. Make supper or go out for a meal. The fun begins now as you begin to explore Paris independently from your apartment.

  • Tradition and Revolution: Napoleon at the Pont d'Arcole by Baron Antoine-Jean Gros. In the Louvre.
    1st District: The Louvre — Portrait of Napoleon by Baron Antoine-Jean Gros.


REAL PEOPLE PROVIDING REAL HELP IN REAL TIME: Home At First continuously monitors the official entry requirements of all our international destinations. If restrictions change during your travels, our support staff remains on-call to answer your questions and provide any assistance needed.


Home At First’s Paris Independent Travel: Locations & Lodgings

Paris — Notre Dame in winter about 6 months before the devastating fire. Photo © Home At First.

          Notre Dame Cathedral, viewed from the rooftop terrace of a Home At First apartment in the Latin Quarter of Paris. Probably the world’s ultimate example of 12th century Gothic architecture, Notre Dame lords over the Île de la Cité, one of two islands in the River Seine that have been inhabited since pre-history.

          Despite its age and the catastrophic fire of April, 2019, the cathedral maintains its importance traditional center of France: culturally, historically, even geographically. Visiting Notre Dame requires only a 5-to-30-minute walk or short métro ride from most of Home At First Paris apartments.

APARTMENT LOCATIONS: Home At First’s independent apartment-based travel offers vacation apartments of various sizes (studios, 1-, 2-, and 3-bedroom apartment) and capacities (sleeping & feeding up to 6 persons).

  Apartments are located throughout central Paris on both sides of the River Seine. Wherever located, our accommodations feature nearby transportation, services, activities, stores, and restaurants, making it easy and convenient to shop and eat locally.

Neighborhoods: Our Paris apartments are located in safe, prosperous neighborhoods. All are within short walking distance to métro, bus, and, sometimes, RER stations. They make superb bases for exploring Paris.

  Because of their centrality, each of our apartments is likely near at least one noted Parisian landmark. Your Paris apartment provides a refuge from the noise and bustle of the city. Each provides much more space than a hotel room and a made-to-order kitchen with a table waiting.

Arrondissements: Home At First offers Paris vacation apartments on both the Left Bank and the Right Bank. They are located in many of the 20 arrondissements (districts) of central Paris, including (but not limited to) numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 11, & 18. See our Paris map, below.

GETTING AROUND PARIS: Driving and parking in Paris can be daunting challenges. We recommend guests use taxis & Über, buses, and the métro (Paris’s subway). As part of their full package, guests receive a Paris transpass valid on the métro, buses, RER trains, and the funicular up Montmartre for the length of their stay.

  While public transportation makes getting around the city easy, most visitors find Paris very walkable. As temporary Paris residents, Home At First guests discover the romance of Paris strolling through its unique, historic neighborhoods. Regardless whether by métro, bus, Über, taxi, or on foot, you will love exploring Paris independently from your quality vacation apartment.

Home At First’s Paris Independent Travel:
The Apartments

Minimum lodging time in Paris: 3 nights (but you NEED more time than that to get to know the city!). 

Home At First Paris apartments range in style from classical Belle Époque to eclectic post-modern.

          Home At First Paris apartments range in size, sleeping anywhere from 1 person to 8 persons. Our apartments vary in location, and are found in interesting, safe, central, convenient neighborhoods across central Paris on both sides of the River Seine. Our apartments range widely in style, from classical Belle Époque, to eclectic post-modern, to artist’s garrets awash in light, to a funky houseboat awash on the Seine.

          Shown above — admittedly our most over-the-top grand apartment — is the lavishly furnished “Belle Époque” apartment in the fashionable 7th arrondissement. Representative despite its uniqueness, the “Belle Époque” apartment shares many characteristics with all other Home At First Paris apartments: distinctly Parisian, comfortable, well-located, well-maintained, well-equipped, well-hosted, and very welcoming. Turn-of-the-2oth-century Paris style not your cup of French press? We probably have an apartment that suits you à la perfection.

Home At First‘s Paris independent travel offers vacation apartments in locations across central Paris. Each is unique, All must meet our quality standards for Parisian ambiance, ease and security of entry, cleanliness and care, being well-equipped, and caring, English-speaking hosting.

AMBIANCE: Expect Home At First’s Paris apartments to be homey, comfortable, quality lodgings. Each is unique: some traditionally decorated & furnished; others modern. Some are eclectic.
          A prized few apartments come with private balconies or furnished terraces for outdoor sitting. Many others feature window views over the rooftops and streets of Paris.
  Floors & Entries: Although reaching some of our apartments requires climbing a flight or two of stairs, most upper-floor apartments (3rd floor and up) are reached by elevator. All are well-located, safe, and very livable. Building and apartment entries are secure.
  Care & Cleanliness: Home At First’s Paris apartments have been thoroughly cleaned prior to your arrival, but are not maid-serviced during your stay. They are normally equipped with laundry machines. Apartments are non-smoking and do not permit pets. Basic starter kitchen and bathroom supplies are provided.

  Well-Equipped: As with apartments at any Home At First destination, most of Home At First’s Paris apartments have, as a minimum, bedrooms, private bathrooms, living and dining areas/rooms, and well-equipped kitchens. Some multiple-bedroom apartments come with multiple bathrooms, often en suite with the bedrooms.

  Some few studio apartments have open-plan living-dining-sleeping space and/or kitchenettes without ovens. Bed and bath linens and a hair-dryer are provided. Flat-screen cable TV and WiFi are almost universal. Telephones with free calling to North America come with many apartments.

HOSTING: Importantly, all of Home At First’s Paris apartments come with the welcoming, enthusiastic attention of your hosts, who are committed to making your stay in their accommodation delightful and problem-free.

  Your English-speaking landlord/host meets you upon your apartment arrival and introduces you to your apartment and its operation. Your landlord/ host is available throughout your stay for any questions, problems, emergencies, and to advise you when you wish to organize activities (e.g. wine tasting, French cooking lessons, guided touring, etc.).

  You will appreciate knowing support is on-site as you explore Paris independently from your own apartment.

A Selection of Home At First’s Paris Independent Travel Apartments & Locations

  Shown and described below are five popular Home At First’s Paris apartments. They are shown here as samples of different sizes and capacities. While the range of apartments and locations to choose from is extensive, the standard of quality and service is the same regardless of apartment or location.

NOTE — FOR BEST VIEWING: each of the following apartment descriptions begins with a slide show. These slide shows do not advance automatically. You can move from slide to slide (forward or reverse) by clicking on the direction arrows below each slide. To see any slide in large format on a PC, “right click” on the selected slide and click on the “Open image in new tab” (Chrome) or “View Background Image” (Firefox). 

WHAT COMES WITH HOME AT FIRST’S paris independent travel PROGRAM

Map of Central Paris District

Home At First’s Paris independent apartment-based travel INCLUDES:

Quality Lodgings: a choice of apartments in safe, pleasant neighborhoods throughout central Paris convenient to the métro (subway), and near a wide variety of shops, restaurants, cafés, and other services.

English-speaking Hosting: All apartments come with English-speaking hosts on-site or on-call during your stay for questions, suggestions, problems, or emergencies.

• Central Locations: Home At First‘s central lodging locations are ideal bases for exploring Paris independently from your own quality vacation apartment.

Round-trip Flights: Our airline experts plan your round-trip flights to Paris from your home airport. Our price chart  includes round-trip fares based on flights from New York (JFK) or Newark (EWR) to Paris (CDG or ORY).

          Flights from/to all other airports available for applicable fare supplements or reductions.

Paris Pass: valid for 5 days of public transport on the Paris Métro, RER trains, the Montmartre funicular, and Paris buses operating within the principal zones 1-3 that define central Paris.

          The pass provides discounts or reduced admission to a number of popular sites and activities across greater Paris.

• Guidebook Keyed for Your Destination to help you make the most out of your visit. Includes suggestions for touring, walking, restaurants, shopping, museums, galleries, much more.

• Optional Activities & Guided Tours: we help you achieve your special goals & dreams: French cooking classes, guided wine tasting, guided cheese tasting, and guided champagne tasting.

  We can organize private car touring with an English-speaking driver/guide to any of a broad choice of day-trips away from Paris, such as the Normandy beaches, battlegrounds of World War I, the Loire Valley with its chateaux, and many more. These options are available at extra cost.

Optional Combination with LONDON: Experience your own Tale of Two Cities. Before or after your 1-week visit to Paris, add a week in an apartment in Home At First’s London. Conveniently, both cities are connected in about 2.5 hours by Eurostar train via the Channel Tunnel. 



Home At First’s Paris —

left bank — latin quarter

5th arr. – notre dame view apartment

Nearest métro & RER stop: Saint-Michel Notre Dame — Métro Line 4; RER Lines B & C.

  Located in the Latin Quarter overlooking the River Seine, Home At First‘s Notre Dame View Apartment couples one of the most coveted locations in Paris with one of the city’s most iconic views.

  The 2-story, 2-3 person apartment occupies the 4th and 5th floors above street level. Its decor represents the eclectic style and colors of early 20th century Paris, a time when the Latin Quarter was home to trend-setting artists and designers whose ideas would define “modern”.

  But the unusual design of the apartment’s interior must take a back seat to the apartment’s remarkable furnished upper floor terrace with its fantastic view of the second great landmark of Paris, the magnificent Cathedral of Notre Dame.

Lower Level: A small (2-3 persons) elevator arrives at the 4th floor hall near the flat’s entry.

          Inside the apartment, the entry hall opens onto the bedroom (king-sized bed comprised of twin beds pushed-together), the full, modern bathroom (with large shower; no tub), a utility room with over/under washer/dryer and a powder room (toilet & basin).

         A wrought-iron, tightly-turned, spiral staircase leads from the entrance hall to the upper floor. The bedroom closet and spacious utility room provide plenty of storage.

Upper Level: The 11-step spiral staircase arrives at a corner of the 5th floor living room. Comfy, overstuffed sofas and chairs line the walls below a series of framed drawings of plants and ferns. The sofa converts into a single bed for a third person, if need be.

  There is a flat-screen TV, WiFi, and telephone with unlimited dialing. The natural wood floors are of broad planks. A small, complete (oven, stove top, microwave, sink, fridge) kitchen in French country style is tucked under the eaves with a small 4-person dining table.

  An arched set of French doors leads off the kitchen and living room to the furnished exterior terrace (table, chairs, & covered picnic benches).

          It’s eastern exposure  provides an unforgettable view of the River Seine and Notre Dame Cathedral at all times, but especially at sunset. The terrace is a lovely place for meals, snacks, morning coffee, or a glass of wine.

  The apartment is non-smoking, air-conditioned, and heated as needed. The street entry is private — opened by secure code system.

          The nearest grocers, shops, pharmacy, cafés, and restaurants are within 5-minutes walk in the myriad of charming streets and alleyways of the Latin Quarter.


Home At First’s Paris —

left bank — SAINT GERMAIN


Nearest métro: Rue du Bac — Métro Line 12

  Home At First‘s tastefully-furnished St Germain West Apartment is as attractive as its location is desirable.

       Located on a quiet side street a half-block from the prestigious Boulevard Saint-Germain, the apartment is a short walk from a wide choice of restaurants, cafés, shops, stores, and very near transit (Métro Line 12 & numerous bus lines).

Great Museums Nearby: The River Seine at the world-famed Musée d’Orsay art museum is 10-15 minutes walk north. Walking 5 blocks (15 minutes) northeast to and across the Seine on the Pont Royal leads directly to the Louvre, Paris’s other top-class art museum.

Access & Entry: The 4th floor apartment is reached by a small  (2-3 person capacity) elevator accessed just inside the security-coded front door of the apartment building.

          The apartment entry opens onto a large, wooden-beamed room that serves as a comfortable, salon with areas for dining (for 4 persons), reading (from the extensive library), and writing or computing at the antique secretary.

Rooms & Capacity: A modern, well-equipped kitchen opens off the salon, as do two bedroom suites, one a double room with a master bathroom (and bathtub) en suite, and the other a single room with a second bathroom (with a shower). Maximum capacity of this 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom flat is 3 persons.

Decor & Style: The apartment’s decor is — with the exception of its modern black and chrome kitchen — traditional Parisian, with comfortable furnishings, antiques, and paintings and prints.

          The overriding theme is decidedly first-half of the 20th century, with a nod to the 19th century, a style befitting of a flat in the Saint-Germain neighborhood of Paris.

Excellent Kitchen: Through the French doors the exceptional, gleaming kitchen speaks of the French penchant for cutting-edge cooking, being equipped with large refrigerator-freezer, induction stove top, full oven, dishwasher.

Accoutrements: The apartment has a large, flat-screen, cable TV, free WiFi and internet, and phone with free calling to the USA.

          Separately controlled in room heating keeps the apartment comfortable during cooler months.

          A laundry closet (washer with clothes lines for hang-drying) is in the hallway by the apartment entry.

The Neighborhood: Within five-minutes walk of the apartment are a supermarket and several fine restaurants, the Rue du Bac métro stop, 8 bus stops, and a taxi stand ensuring that this delightful flat is very practically situated as a base for exploring Paris.


Home At First’s Paris —

left bank — SAINT GERMAIN


Nearest métro — Mabillon: Métro Line 10; Saint-Germain-des-Prés: Métro Line 4

Latin Quarter Location: Wonderfully located in the collection of narrow Saint Germain streets that have traditionally served artists and patrons with dozens of small, private galleries, the setting of Home At First’s Place des Galeries Apartment exemplifies the Latin Quarter of legend and lore.
 2 Bedrooms: The 2-4 person, 3rd floor apartment is as traditionally stylish and comfortable as it is well-located.

          Its two bedrooms — each with its own bathroom — sleep up to 4 persons (ages 9 and up — no young children) in the queen-bedded master bedroom and twin-bedded second bedroom.

          Both bedrooms have window views over quiet courtyards, unaffected by any noise that may come from the cafés on neighboring streets.

Living Room & Library: Most impressive are the apartment’s elegant common rooms.

         Its living room — with two sofas and fireplace — shares space with a delightful library/study with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking a typical Saint Germain street with more pedestrian traffic than automobiles.

Dining Room & Kitchen: A set of glass-latticed double doors leads to the very useful dining room, its central wooden table set off by room-high, triangular wooden china cabinets filled with antique treasures placed in each corner of the room.

          Adjacent is the small but well-equipped kitchen capable of preparing even sumptuous meals for apartment guests with range, oven, full-sized refrigerator, and dishwasher.

Accessibility: It is important to note that this lovely apartment is reached only by ascending 2 flights of stairs from the building’s secure, code-operated, ground-floor, private entry door located on a quiet side street.

Accoutrements: The apartment comes with a flat-screen TV, WiFi, and telephone with unlimited dialing, wood floors, and a laundry area with washer/dryer. The apartment is non-smoking, and heated as needed.

The Neighborhood: A 5-minute walk in the warren of charming streets and alleyways of the Saint Germain section of Latin Quarter leads to the nearest grocers, shops, pharmacy, as well as numerous cafés and restaurants.

          Saint Germain ranks as a superb location from which to explore Paris independently from your own quality vacation apartment. 


Home At First’s Paris —

RIGHT BANK — tuileries


Nearest transit — Concorde: Métro Lines 1, 8, & 12; Musée d’Orsay: RER C; Solferino: Métro Line 12

Unique Location: Home At First’s Notre Bateau-Mouche floating apartment is moored prestigiously on the Right Bank of the River Seine along the Quai des Tuileries by the Tuileries Gardens park.

Extraordinarily Central, yet Quiet: Within short walking distance are numerous Paris landmarks, including three major art museums: the Orangerie Museum of 20th Century Art, the Louvre, and the Musée d’Orsay.

          Also within 5-10 walking minutes are four transit stops served by 3 Métro lines and an RER line, making travel throughout Paris quick and simple.

Notre Bateau-Mouche (“Our Parisian Riverboat”) began life as a hard-working barge on the rivers and canals of France.

          Now retired from carrying freight, and indeed from sailing, the boat is permanently moored at prominent address: the 1st arrondissement of Paris.

          Long (more than 80′), narrow (15′ wide) and of shallow draft (6′), the barge has been converted into a creative living quarters below the extensive sun deck.

The Nautical Accommodations: The air-conditioned living quarters are accessed through a raised doorway/hatch reminiscent of Alice’s mini-door entrance to Wonderland.

          Descending from the hatchway entry are six stair steps without a banister, making access to the apartment best for the young and agile.

A Special Family Vacation Lodging: Indeed, this special Paris residence is ideal for families with older children, or groups of younger adults without limited mobility.

          Once downstairs, the apartment is spacious, but still requires some care moving between rooms and accessing two of the beds owing to head-lowering gangways and two shadowbox bedsteads.

Decor & Facilities: Despite its spatial idiosyncrasies, the 6-person-capacity apartment is stylish and remarkably comfortable. Its three bedrooms — 1 with a double & 2 with queen mattresses — have built-in storage cabinets and/or drawers.

          The bedrooms receive natural light from skylights and nautical portholes. The master bedroom (queen bed) has an en suite bathroom with shower. A second shower room serves the other two bedrooms. A separate WC is in the gangway.

Furnishings & Equipment: The boat’s spacious kitchen, dining, and living room are furnished in a bright, modern style. Comfortable sofas and chairs invite hours of reading or TV under the skylights.

          The dining table invites meals elaborate or simple in a setting that invites conversation.

          The well-equipped kitchen (2 fridges, freezer, dishwasher, microwave, oven & electric range) invites cooking with the enthusiasm of a French chef.

Accoutrements: On board are a washer/dryer on board, a small office work space with telephone & WiFi. There are polished wooden floors throughout the apartment.

          The furnished top deck has deck chairs, umbrellas, and a covered picnic table, ideal for people-watching, sunning, reading, or drinks & snacks — a delightful outdoor space of your own in the very center of cosmopolitan Paris.


Home At First’s Paris —

left bank — SAINT GERMAIN


Nearest transit — Solferino: Métro Line 12;
Musée d’Orsay: RER C

Delightful, Convenient Neighborhood: Home At First‘s attractive Orsay Apartment is ideally located on the Left Bank within 5-minutes walk of the world-famed Musée d’Orsay art museum.

          Its setting — on a relatively quiet side street a block from the prestigious Boulevard Saint-Germain and two short blocks from the River Seine.

The Lively Saint Germain: The immediate locale — the northwestern end of the popular and lively Saint Germain neighborhood in the 7th arrondissement (district) in central Paris — is rife with restaurants, cafés, shops, stores, and very near transit (Métro Line 12 & numerous bus lines).

To the Nearby Right Bank: Walking 10-20 minutes north to and across the Seine on the Passerelle Léopold Sédar Senghor footbridge leads directly to the Tuileries Gardens, bracketed by the Orangerie and the Louvre, Paris’s other superb art museums.

Access & Entry: The 3rd floor apartment is reached by a grand, carpeted staircase and a small  (2-3 person capacity) elevator accessed just inside the security-coded front door of the Haussmann-era apartment building.

          The apartment entry hall opens into the impressive main room of the apartment.

The Main Room‘s high ceilings, full-length windows, wainscoting, and decorous crown molding dates this large space as high 19th century.

          The room serves several functions: as a dining area for 4 persons; as a plush living room for reading, TV, and conversation; as a spare bedroom using the comfortable double sofa bed; and as a mini-study for writing or computing at the antique secretary.

Kitchen, Bedroom, & Bathroom: A modern, well-equipped kitchen (full size fridge, 4-burner electric stove with oven, microwave, dishwasher, and breakfast bar with 2 stools) opens off the great room.

          The comfortable Tempur-Pedic queen bedroom comes beautifully accented with a decorative fireplace. The striking blue-tile bathroom has a tub and shower and a twin-basin vanity.

Capacity, Decor, & Style: Maximum capacity of this 1-bedroom, 1-bathroom flat is 3 persons.

          The apartment’s decor recalls traditional Parisian from the turn of the 20th century, with comfortable furnishings, wood floors, antiques, and paintings, a style befitting of a flat in the Saint-Germain neighborhood of Paris.

Accoutrements: The apartment has a large, flat-screen, cable TV, plus free WiFi and internet, and phone with free calling to the USA. Central heating keeps the apartment comfortable during cooler months. There is a washer/dryer, too.

Excellent Nearby Services: Within five-minutes walk of the apartment you reach a mini-supermarket, a bank, several shops, numerous cafés & restaurants, the Solferino métro stop, 7 bus stops, and a taxi stand.

          This delightful Saint Germain apartment also earns kudos for its location as a base for exploring Paris. 


Home At First’s Paris independent travel
readily combines with other
Home At First destinations.

Achieve more than one European travel goal for just one transatlantic airfare.

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