A modern Viking culture evolves on an island of fire and ice.

Explore Home At First’s ICELAND — Land of Fire & Ice

Iceland surprises you with a great variety of landscapes and moonscapes. Although much of Iceland is green and growing, there remain great glaciated regions including Vatnajökull National Park, where Europe’s largest glacier below the Arctic Circle covers active volcanoes that reach more than a mile above sea level. Dozens of glacier tongues descend to Iceland’s south coast to deposit icy meltwater into the North Atlantic.

Explore Home At First’s ICELAND Travel Program in a Nutshell:

 Optional Itinerary 1:

3-Day Reykjavik STOPOVER

with airport transfers. Combines with many European destinations.

 Optional Itinerary 2:

7-Day Fly/Drive ROAD TRIP

Explore Iceland by rental car. Combines with many European destinations.

 Optional Itinerary 3:

10-Day Fly/Drive ROAD TRIP

All around Iceland by rental car. Combines with many European destinations.

Lodging Types:

Choice of Hotels, Inns, or Apartments

Breakfast included at hotels & inns.

On-Site Costs: Fuel, Food, & Activities


Some food, some labor, & all gasoline is imported.

Overall Trip Costs: 


Excellent Value, thanks to Home At First’s low Full-Package prices.

Languages Spoken 

& English

Flight Length & Combinability:

5½ hours from Boston

Iceland’s airport hub is ¾-way to Europe with ideal connecting flights.

Family Friendly?


Kids love the activities, but may not enjoy the long drives of 4 to 8 hours.

Foodie Friendly?


Unique cuisine with fresh & locally sourced foods. Alcohol is expensive.

Unparalleled Scenery:

Black beaches
Wild seacoasts
 Geothermal fields & geysers

Adventure Activities

 Horse riding
 Whale watching
 Spa in natural hot-spring pools

An Icelandic Gallery

  • Reykjavik's landmark Hallgrimskirkja, Iceland's largest church. Photo © Home At First.
    Hallgrimskirkja church, Reykjavik.

Why You Should
Explore Home At First’s


Iceland is an Atlantic island easily reached and readily explored.

Iceland has geothermal pools for swimming and spa-ing, glaciers and lava fields to scramble over or 4-wheel across, mountains to climb and volcanoes to observe from the air, horses to ride in the fields or on the beaches, caverns (& even a volcano!) to descend, and tectonic fault lines to straddle.

Iceland’s summer daylight lasts up to 22 hours, providing visitors lots of extra time for exploring and activities May–August.

Iceland’s northern latitudes extend to the Arctic Circle, meaning chances are good to see the Northern Lights anytime from September through April.

Icelanders are as friendly & hospitable as they are hardy & handsome, known to be daring mariners and strong, independent women & men. When you explore Home At First’s Iceland you will meet modern descendants of Viking explorers.

Iceland is rated one of the world’s happiest (and low-crime) nations, and most democratic, receiving high marks for gender equality and LGBT tolerance.

Iceland’s hardy people and noble horses mirror its rugged, photogenic geography. It’s hard to put down the camera as you explore Home At First’s Iceland.

 As you explore Home At First’s Iceland you discover geothermal marvels that educate us about the future prospects for this emerging form of green energy.

Iceland sets the table and lines the bar for played-out visitors. Iceland’s fresh-food cuisine includes superb seafood, farm-fresh produce, beef, and lamb plus Icelandic surprises like reindeer and skyr.

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  • Home At First's Akureyri Hotel near the Arctic Circle in northern Iceland.


  • Iceland Landscapes: Northern Lights over Reykjavik. Photo Visit Iceland.
    Northern Lights over Reykjavik. Visit Iceland Photo.


Home At First offers travel packages to Iceland that include:



Overflying Greenland en route to Iceland.

Flying across Greenland’s arctic wilderness en route to Iceland.

HOME AT FIRST’s Explore Iceland travel program comes with round-trip flights from Boston, New York, or Newark already built-in to its Full-Package prices. Through and connecting flights from all other airports are available at supplemental fares.
          We research your best flight itinerary, make your flight reservations, and issue your flight tickets. We work with you during the research, reservations, & ticketing process to be sure you are satisfied with our recommendations before your tickets are issued.



Inns, HOTELS, & apartments, TOO

Home At First's Explore Iceland begins with a visit to the nation's capital city, Reykjavik.

Reykjavik’s colorful, walkable old town extends to the harbor. Explore Home At First’s Iceland begins here. 

HOME AT FIRST’s Explore Iceland program provides lodgings around Iceland for itineraries of 3, 7, or 10 nights. Lodgings may be inns, hotels, cottages, apartments, or condos located at key locations throughout Iceland: in the capital city of Reykjavik and at strategic points along the Ring Road that circumnavigates Iceland.
          Whenever possible, lodgings are close to shops, restaurants, activities, and services. Each lodging is unique, but, at a minimum, all our Iceland lodgings have/are:

• English-speaking hosts, staff, or concierges.
• Safe settings near shops, services, restaurants.
• Central locations convenient for exploring Iceland.
• Private bathrooms, & bedrooms with comfy beds.
• Convenient parking for rental cars.
• Non-smoking, no-pets lodgings.
• Laundry facilities in Reykjavik and along the Ring.
• Apartments with kitchens, living & dining space.
• Near public transportation in Reykjavik.



Explore Home At First's Iceland -- Land of Fire & Ice

Driving across eastern Iceland’s arctic wilderness.  

3-, 7-, & 10-DAY ITINERARIES: HOME AT FIRST offers

visitors three pre-arranged itineraries to explore Iceland:

THE 3-DAY ITINERARY: a quick, intense introduction to the wonders of Iceland. Guests will be based in the capital city, Reykjavik, and will explore the city and take day-trips into the nearby countryside to see important Viking historic sites and explore an active geothermal region with geysers, hot springs, and major waterfalls.
          The 3-day itinerary is ideal for visitors with limited time to explore Home At First’s Iceland wanting to add a visit to Iceland to a journey to Britain, Scandinavia, or the Continent. Can be done independently with a rental car or by joining any of dozens of day-tours that pick-up & return guests from/to their Reykjavik hotels.


  Iceland’s geography & geology invite independent touring. Explore Home At First‘s ICELAND — Choose a visit of 3, 7, or 10 days. Regardless of the length of your stay, you will have the time & opportunity to explore some of the best of Iceland.

— Home At First’s EXPLORE ICELAND —

Explore Home At First's ICELAND — Land of Fire & Ice


THE 7-DAY ITINERARY: a jam-packed road trip around the perimeter of Iceland on the famous Ring Road, starting at the capital city of Reykjavik and ending at Keflavik International Airport south of the capital.
          This trip is loaded with scenery: amazing waterfalls, otherworldly geothermal regions, wild, nearly uninhabited coastlines and vacant interiors, and dozens of glacial tongues descending from volcanoes (several active!) almost to the ocean. Expect 2 nights in Reykjavik, and 1- & 2-night stops in 3 or 4 other points along the way.
          The 7-day itinerary is ideal for visitors with a week to explore Home At First‘s Iceland, and is readily combinable as a stop en route to/from Britain, Scandinavia, or the Continent. This trip can only be done independently by rental car. Driving days are typically 4.5 to 8 hours in length.  

THE 10-DAY ITINERARY: an expanded version of the 7-day itinerary following the Ring Road around Iceland, the 10-day itinerary covers the same ground but provides more leisure time to linger at stops en route or for activities like hiking, enjoying natural thermal spas, going whale watching, seeing the Northern Lights, exploring volcanic lava fields, caves, and calderas on foot, by overflight, or by special cross-country vehicles.
          Starts at the capital city of Reykjavik and ends at Keflavik International Airport south of the capital with the possible thermal spa stop at the famous Blue Lagoon. Expect 2-3 nights in Reykjavik, and 1-, 2-, & 3-night stops in 3 or 4 other points along the way.
          The 10-day itinerary is ideal for visitors who want to explore Home At First‘s ICELAND to experience the incredible scenery and enjoy activities in Iceland’s unique landscapes.
          The 10-day itinerary is readily combinable as a stop en route to/from Britain, Scandinavia, or the Continent and can only be done independently by rental car.

REAL PEOPLE PROVIDING REAL HELP IN REAL TIME: Home At First continuously monitors all the steps necessary to officially enter, efficiently move about, and properly return home from their international destinations. As conditions change before or during your travels, our support staff remains on-call to answer your questions and provide any assistance needed.


Iceland readily combines with many other Home At First destinations.

Achieve more than one European travel goal for just one transatlantic airfare.

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